Speed Trap Book

I’m HOOKED!! I can’t put the book down!! I recommend this book to all CF.com family who don’t have it. A very well written and informative book.

Big thumbs up from me.

HAHAH! Glad you are experiencing the SPRINT BIBLE!! Every one of my sprinters on my team has read it at least once and many quote it on a daily basis. Good stuff.

When the forum first started, most of the original members new the book almost word for word. So we were all pretty much on the same page. I’ve read it cover to cover at least 20 times.

I really wish new members would buy a copy of the ebook before they start posting because it really does serve as a prerequisite that provides a conceptual and technical foundation for understanding the discussion here. It’s also a great way to support the site financially. Not to mention it’s just a damn good read.

Charlie is a good writer. When that book came out it sold over 7000 copies


I agree, there is just so much in that book it is untrue. You actually learn how Ben Johnson developed as a sprinter and what a coach has to go through to get his athletes to the top. The best read in athletics.

Addition: That’s 7000 copies in a few days…

How much would i be looking to pay for a hardback/parperback version?

$5.00 to $100.00 USD.

Depends how lucky you are.


Softcover? I bought 6 copies of Speed Trap hard cover(not for sale)…softcover version?

There is no softcover, its a hardcover. You can find it, the question is what will you be paying.

Also, Clemson; can you give me a call?


I bought my hardcover for about $30.00 USD including shipping. It was used, but still in almost perfect condition.

I don’t know the final numbers but the 7000 was in 3 days in Canada only. It prob sold 30,000 or so in the rest of the countries. there was a lot of obstruction to the distribution of the book. After the intial sales in Canada, the books were sealed in a wharehouse and prevented from going out!

Picture the scene…At work…sitting at my desk…looking like I’m ‘really busy’ when infact all I’m doing is reading the reading Speed Trap. :smiley:

What makes it a great read is the depth at which Charlie goes and also the non bullshit approach to saying what he thinks! Heh Charlie when I’m famous, you can write my AutoBio…we’ll discuss image rights and %'s later.