speed endurance question

This was from elite track.

Speed Endurance runs are high intensity runs of 70-150m performed at 95-100% of race pace. Typically, the volume for Speed Endurance workouts is in the range of 300-1200m of total running. The purpose Speed Endurance workouts is to develop the capacity for maintaining maximal or near maximal velocity. Speed Endurance workouts are especially important for short sprinters. An example of a Speed Endurance workout would be 3 x (80m, 100m, 120m) with full recovery.

would this mean run 80, 100 and 120m with full recovery between each and then repeat x 2 more time to bring total volume to 900m. Assuming as you get closer to competing and running at fastest it may only be done 1 for a total of 300m?

Yes,you are referring to SE 1: 8 to 15" duration, 95%-100% pb time,2 to 4 reps, 7 to 15 minutes or more rest between reps and sets. I would not be concerned with volume per se,but only as a mean of managing stimuli in your plan.

Yes that is correct. To do 900m worth would be a lot for most people. If you are running those all at 95% it is possible if you are running it all at 100% then 1 set e.g. 80m [8-15min] 100m [10-20min] 120m would be enough. Rest breaks would be longer if you are a high level athlete in the sub 10.2 range.

Do you see a role for the Speed endurance done at lower intensity but off much shorter recoveries? EG: 2x4x80m rolling start off 45-90sec b/reps & 10-15mins b/w Sets. I have seen several coaches run the same or similar session. And the athletes concerned were moving pretty smartly, at least for the first few reps.

KK, this session was just done by Oscar last week.