Speed endurance help!

I am 41. I train with lower volume, 90% plus intensity speedwork. I train 1-2 days per week. (recovery issues) Over the past year I have run the 40 yd dash for NFL pro scouts in 4.3s consistantly. The 55m in the 6.4s and 6.5s consistantly. 60m in under 7 seconds with a best this year of 6.81. However, My 100 times are so inconsistant…11.2-10.7 last season…I really drop off in the 200 22.7-23.5. I am 5’7’’ and go anywhere from 177lbs-190lbs. 12% or less body fat. I have plenty of strength and power 325 plus bench. I squat or leg press heaps and heaps. Not a body builder or powerlifter!! I only train a couple of days a week in the gym. Strength Maintanance Only. My power to weight ratio are solid. I need to break through the barrier that comes down the strech in the 100 meters…Last 30 meters. My times in the 30 meter speed drill (30m with 30m fly in)are all under 3 sec. 3.0-2.75 range. What gives??

Just curious are all those times hand times? Even the 6.81 60? Anyhow. It seems as though your acceleration is solid judging by your short sprint times and weight to strength ratio indicated by what you have said about your lifts. What it looks like you may be missing is speed endurance which you have mentioned. How about giving us some sample weeks of what you have been doing and we will evalute and help you out.

heck bro im not saying that hight as alot to do with sprinting but u are only 5’7 and down the stretch they might be a lil tierd so like quickashell said it sounds like a sprint endurace thang, cause if your pushing those times in the 40yards you should be able to go sub 11 all the time. But hell im only a 4.2-4.3 in the 40meters and im only pushing mid 10’s out…but im 19 so it might have to do lil with your age, as far as the endurance thang go’s…not sure but i’d work on my sprint endurance if i was you.

The track times are all FAT with the exception of the 40s which were conducted at one of my practices by several NFL scouts who were there to time some of the athletes I work with. I will say that it made for quite the news story in my area. Do to my age. (Scouts did not believe) We do use video analysis for the 30 meter speed drills to access sprint mechanics.
A typical speed day consists of 30 meter build-up to top speed and holding for 30 meters. These are performed when athletes are fresh and at full recovery. We continue until drop off.(times drop to 90%) 3-8 reps depending on the athlete. These are streched out to 60 meters as speed endurance improves. I do 150s as the season progresses. Recovery is always an issue. After a meet or a hard speed day or meet it may be 4 days before I can run hard again. Every once in a while I will rip off something crazy like a 10.6 FAT but not with any consistancy. I have also run 50 meters at 5.7s and 5.8s FAT at masters meets that run the 50. I have had great success working with other athletes Just have a hard time accessing myself. I do utilize much of the info from The Charlie Francis Training System Book. I am not remotely offended by skepticism. I always get it until individuals attend my sessions. I do compete in college meets and if healthy am very tough to beat in the short sprints. I guess I am not supposed to run like that at 41…I will be 42 in october and believe I can continue to get better. My dropoffs my have something to do with my large musculature yet small bone structure. It is very tough to keep those muscles oxidized and fueled. Over the entire distance. Thanks for the help.

You sound pretty impressive epecially at 41 years of age. Congrats to you.
Without seeing your entire plan it is hard to judge but from what you had told us, again speed endurance seems to be the issue and possibly even aerobic work for recovery as well as capilarzation. You may not be in that good of “shape”.
As far as speed endurace is concerned you probably need more of it. Two different types. The split run type such as sessions of 3x3x50 or 3x3x80 later on with 60-120 seconds between reps and 3-5 mins between sets. And workouts such as 150, 120, 80 with full recoveries and straight 150 workouts like you have mentioned. Such as 3-4 x 150 with full rest. The sessions I have mentioned would obviously not be implented right away but they are definatly sessions I think you would benefit from. The 3x3x55 session can be used as soon as your acceleration is in place after GPP.


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Have you watched yourself on video? What does that show about the end of the race? Quite often speed endurance is a function of efficiency. If you are able to run 10.8 but arn’t very efficient you will probably die later in the race in a big way. Some of the athletes i work with are little powerhouses over 60m but past 120 its game over becuase thier arms are flapping all over the place and they try and “push” rather than sprint over the ground… Perhaps it is a case of practicing holding your form for longer?

I will try to post a video clip or two on the site.
Thanks for the feedback. :wink:

If you are running 6.81 for 60m then you will beat the time posted by this years 40-44 indoor national champion, Aaron Thigpen who stunned the crowd by running 6.90. Hard to believe a 6.81 60m when training 1-2 days a week. Are you a former Olympic champion? :eek:

Just for information, the current World Record at 60m for men 40-44 is 6.81 by Troy Douglas on September 2, 2003. If you are not Troy , and I doubt he would be here asking for speed enndurance help, the challenge may be on to come race against Douglas and Thigpen head up.

1st I am a former professional athlete. NFL and CFL.
2nd, I ran the time in the US and a Sanctioned USATF meet. You are not the first to bring the possible record issue to the table. The meet director was more excited than anyone. The meet director is already dealing with that issue as well as the timing system etc. In college, my best was 10.6. However, I was a football player running track if you know what I mean. Like I said I am familiar with scepticism and take no offense. I have a degree in exercise physiology and work with athletes. I do use video that shows a decline in knee lift over the last 30-35 meters of the 100 meters. I am working on that. I don’t always have the time during sessions to worry about evaluating myself. I currently coach 3 wheelchair athletes that are ranked in the top 20 in the world. I run meets when I can but can’t always just take off to go to Boston or wherever to run a meet. In my state we have next to nothing. I don’t always have an entire free weekend. I run a non for profit “free” group on Sundays working with athletes who otherwise do not have the means or are not involved in organized sport. Many of these athletes are from of the tougher areas in and around St. Louis. Some are a very hard sell and are working through multiple issues. Still being able to run like I do serves as a means to get their attention. Then I can use sport as a vehicle to teach these athletes some of the things that will empower them to improve their current situations and lives. However, world masters records are not my movation to get better. I just want to be able to train along side of the athletes I work with and promote track as a lifetime sport.
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