speed + conditioning

we just started our football winter training for the 2007 season. (i play in germany by the way).

the sessions consist of light warm up, some stretching (ca. 10 min), followed by 20 mins of agilities.

so far so good! afterwards we start sprinting, seperated into groups by positions, to the point that people almost faint and throw up!

I know this might be part of football, but my question is:

-does this make any sense when trying to get faster?

-is this usefull conditioning?

Any opinions appreciated


a couple of points.
1: No that doesbn’t help with speed at all.
2: Why aren’t the athletes in condition already?

I didn’t know that fainting and throwing-up were part of football. Maybe for the spectators!

1: No that doesbn’t help with speed at all.

2: Why aren’t the athletes in condition already

  1. thats what i thought! feels like it takes weeks to recover from these too.

so it is indeed only for conditioning!?!

  1. good question, but attitudes towards sports are different in germany. even though we play in the highest division, people dont take it all too serious.

do workouts like this have any purpose at all??

In an actual game they don’t really have much, but at least here in the states it is tradition. Coaches tend to think it builds toughness and makes sure you do not get tired in the fourth quarter. Many coaches do not understand the physiological aspect of what they are doing so they assume a bunch of high intensity, long duration runs will translate into better conditioning for a football player. They also tend to assume more is better when it comes to conditioning. Just one of those things you have to put up with I guess.

makes no sense to develop everything at the same time, a very short time…if you have 3 sessions a week, even if you cannot individualize training and you have players who just lifted weights for months without any running at all, at least have a session more towards condioning, and a session more toward speed, alternating them.when does your season start?
for speed start with 10m, push up or groud position and worl forom it, with anmple rest-…for conditioning, no need to throw up, stick with tempo and BW exercises in between…agility you can work on both days, one with ample rest, the other with “packages” of football specific drills and rests…
If time is not that much, try with a 30’minutes speed warm up and some short accelerations before practice…better than running gassers at the end…btw, have you recived my email with the book cbass20002000?