Specialized Athletic Training Facility- Survey

I have formulated the following 3 questions in an effort to aid my business projections/calculations for the athletic training facility that I plan to open. I am in the process of putting together a business plan, and the types of responses that I get from this survey will greatly aid in the process. Thanks in advance.

Please be as objective as possible.

  1. What is the highest monthly rate (US currency) that you would be willing to pay for a 4 week correspondence strength training program that you would receive via email. The program would consist of 4 strength training workouts per week, for a total of 16 detailed workouts constructed specifically for you and based upon a detailed account of your training history, current abilities, and training goal.

  2. What is the farthest distance that you would be willing to drive, at least 3 times per calendar week, in order to train at a facility which housed the following types of equipment:

full size Octagon
variety of striking bags and grappling mats
power racks
specialty barbells
bumper plates
squat stands
heavy dumbbells
OL platforms
box squat boxes
record boards
plyo boxes
strongman implements
extremely competitive training atmosphere

  1. What is the most amount of money (US Currency) that you would be willing to pay per month, for a membership to the facility listed above.
  1. Well just for one 4-week template I would say anywhere form 30-80 bux…but if i was getting them monthly…prolly 30-60 a month, it all depends on what the person wants.

  2. Well it takes me 15-20 min south bound ot go to my school then about 30-40 mins afterward to get to thei ndoor facility in the winter…but it takes me 10-15 min to get home afterwards… So hell for 3 days a week I’d go as far as an hour, i;ve travled an hour and a half to go to a track camp during the school year, i’m very dedicated ot my sport as you can see haha

3.Crap for sometihng like that…I’d pay 50 a month at least, but most would prolyl pay 30-40 a month…Hell I pay 90 bux for 3 months for my indoor track facility and it has crap weight room but enough of a weight room to get the job done and storage boxes that can conveniently be used as a box jump or a depth jump.

sorry for the borad answers…I’m not to sure about this stuff so please nobody verate me if the prices are too cheap or too expensive, I jsut want to help!