First off I dont know if this is illegal to post here, I dont think it is but I couldnt find the forum rules, so if it is please delete it.

What do you guys think about this drink Sparks?

Its basically an alcoholic energy drink. I know obviously no one would actually take it for performance purposes that would just be stupid, but what kind of effect do you think a can would have on performance?

Also dont you guys think this is terrible, already enough alcoholics then you add caffeine to the mix that should be outlawed and shunned upon just like cigarettes aey? Plus isnt it persuing the younger age groups, I mean look at it, it looks like an energy drink, I came across it at the grocery store and I thought it was just an energy drink til a saw the 7.0% alcohol marking. Youth marketing?

Besides targeting a young generation whats the point of putting all that crap into an alcoholic beverage?

Can’t see it being much different from what’s out there now- Spanish Coffees or Irish Coffees etc.