Sorry: A Week Worthy of Complaining

I never advacate complaining about others, especially coaches or trainers, but I have to just this once :wink: .

This past week here is some of the poor advice I’ve had to bit my tonge about.

  1. I wrote up a sprint plan for our 100, 200 people and instead they’ve had them do 2 miles worth of work every day for the past 2 weeks.

  2. Our certified ATC having athletes ice directly prior to games and practice. A volleyball player, a wrestler, and a runner all were told daily to iced areas that were bothering them right before practice or a match/game.

  3. Our ATC is requiring our athletes to do VMO work for knee pain, even after the doctors not said that one girl needed to strengthen her glute medius. Mike Boyle has 2 awesome articles on why that’s absolutely an old outdated approach.

  4. Our soccer team quit lifting weights with almost two months to go in the season because they didn’t want to get hurt. (no one has ever gotten hurt lifting, but they are getting torn up on the field still).

  5. After I just read an article by Robertson and Phil Hartman on how the rot. cuff is way over rated and people need to work on the scapula and thoracic spine, our trainer told a few people that they need to work on their rot. cuff because it was weak.

This are all trivial things I guess and I love my job, I just needed to vent. :smiley:

Most people know nothing and think they know everything.

I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance. -Socrates

I read a book on team building recently and the thought occurred to me, “what happens when those around me are just not worth building a team with?” When held responsible for results collectively, it pisses me off that others failures affect success. I know it seems selfish, but when dealing with people like this, doesn’t it make you feel like becoming a stronger advocate of the cloning process? :smiley:

For this reason, I moved away from basketball team sport and got into track.

I also coach myself, and visit the C.Francis website.

Untill I break my current pb’s, the stuff I “know”
isn’t particularly special.

In saying that, science must follow theory/ideas/experments. (Charlie Francis wrote it in a better sentance.)

I rely less and less on the rest of the internet for training science.

Nothing trivial about your comments, keep your chin up, despite what’s happening around you keep your standards up. Good luck.

The sad thing is most of what these jokers do is being taken as science, as opposed to quackery.

Of course this is a problem. In an ideal world you choose the team you work with but since it is not an ideal world I would suggest a good way to get people on board is to organise “team” days/hours where you can talk about stuff together and share information and philisophical outlooks. If your co-workers really are crap well then you have to try and educate them as best you can.

The same goes for athletes as well, I do this every 4 months with my ahtletes to explain where we are going and how we will get there so they have confidence in the program.

I meant more co-workers than my athletes, but good points regardless.

Sorry perhaps I should have split up my response a bit - i’ve edited it now. The first part related to co-workers - as in your question.

The last line just gave an example of how you may often need to do the same for your squad. Especially if you arn’t a famous name.

Im glad the Personal Training couse i am doing does not crap on like the trainer mentioned above. In fact, most of the Lecture info based on sports can be found in this site. Even how to treat Hamstrings etc, its all how CF maintains it should be done. Not that i have seen this site mentioned. In fact, on injuries, the Surf Life Saving movement here in aust seem very much on the ball on injury, as do the Big football codes. So, its not all doom n gloom.