soreness near left side where kidney is located

well, i been on creatine for a awhile, taking only 3-5 grams a day like herb says. But i been having soreness that wont go away and its near the kidney region on the left side of body. Should i just cycle it instead?

are you sure thats the only thing ur on?

what brand is it? bulk nutrition?

that and i tried muscle milk for the first time this week, which could also be an issue? Man i was gonna cut muscle milk anyway since i found out i gained 2% of bodyfat because of it hehehe.

The creatine i take is made by creapure and packaged by the PVL company

Water, drink tone More than your used to. Flushing sounds like is needed?

yeah man i am upping water intake big time, maybe i slipped abit in the past week, my CNS might be blown somehow or something i feel alittle less motivated then usual these days and laziness is kicking in.

3-5g is nothing…I agree with Bold. Up your water. I usually drink 2-3 liters of water a day (pure water, not including sports drinks + water from food, etc). When I was on creatine I added another liter to that.

Sounds like you need one of Cf’s 10day no CNS sessions. Tempo tempo and tempo. Med ball throws and higher reps in the gym v’s strength low reps. Do that for 10 days and motovation will be in leaps n bounds.

Cf 10 day session never heard of this?


so tempo and speed work with low volume like say 150-200m worth of speed work?


Do you mean lots of ab exercises and med ball throws is all we do along with tempo?

if you are asking me i would probably take 3-5 days off, then reintro everything again with tempo and speed work in the 90% range. remember you are the only one who knows your body, lets say you take 3 days off and then after that you start to feel good then do tempo for the 2-3 days then start some 90% speedwork.

okay, i have like 2-3 weeks before competition is almost over.

do u feel like ur overtrain?

no i dont feel like i do. I am not improving thats all i know. I have a diary but nobody wants to read it that can help me out. I train alone

take 3-5 days off and perform low volume tempo work. i havent seen ur journal.

Try, if you like
Fri - Compete
Sat - warm up warm down
Sun - compete
mon - warm up warm down
tue - Tempo - Weights - bench and power cleans or squats
wed - off
thur - warm up warm down

If only race once per wk, use the other comp day as “MOCK” or time trial race day then add in med ball explosive throws and upper body weights.

There should be enough recovery in there?
Warm up is Warm up A and B. So it could be 45min or so.
Weights are only two exercises, except comp day no 2 is only one. Dont go or attempt for P.B.'s even if you feel up to it. Your energy is to be directed to the track and speed, not lifting more and more with your new found energy.

Obviously if comp days are different then change around. Also, if your going short to long like most on this site, and you only have 4wks to go, Outdoors?? then ensure your doing the longer reps, 120’s 150’s and such. Instead of doing block work, come out of blocks for the long reps maybe?
Also check your diet that you are getting enough good oils and complex carbs.

Stop taking creatine and go see a doctor.

after drinking water the soreness subsided alittle, but its like muscle soreness nothing affecting me really, i am being a hypochondriac about it probably. Anyways boldwarrior what you put down is what i did last year to get my PB, i went to practice once but did nothing for the whole week other then the one practice and then go to competition. Reason i did this was because of a groin injury which allowed me to run good after a week, then it would get aggravated the next day where i needed to rest. Once it subsided i repeated the process and was running faster.

i think we are just confusing him all the advance and we dont even know what hes doing training wise.