some question to CF

I read again your book and see your video, but I’m still with some question (I must learn more english).

  1. you state that a beginner can reduce his time by 2.5 with endurance, and 0.1 with acceleration, but SE is trained later than Acc. or I have not understand something?
  2. when yoy write that between tempo run your athletes do “core work” in the rest, but the rest it’s only a 50m walk?
  3. when you speak about the difference between 95% effort and 100% effort.

1: Beginners benefit most from general fitness first befoe any SE is added.
2:Some tempo sessions include push-up and sit up reps between 100m runs. The 50m walk rests are for the circuits.
3:95% to 100% is all included in the high intensity catagory, but, obviously, work at 95% is far easier (ie 10.5 100m for an athlete with a 10.0 100m pb)

Could you please elaborate on this? What is the distinction/difference? I’ve had most of the tempo work with p-u/s-u between. When should we program this in and when should the circuits(as in the big circuit, I presume?) be used? Thanks.

  1. but, for example, if I run 30m in 4.2 and 60 m in 7.6, Fitness training can give me a benefit on 100? and why, if I can have acceleration or Speed (if this is my limitant factor)
  2. I agree with piooner, what the difference (sorry Mr francis but When i watch your video i don’t understand everything9.
  3. Yes, i understand it, but i don’t understand when i must use 95% (IE on hill in GPP, or in some training in SPP) and when 100%

Sending it up.
Difference between the tempo with sit-ups/push-ups and those tempo sessions with a 50m walk between reps(big circuit style).

Where in the training year does each one fit?

You can do either any time in the year though the push-up sit-up combos work well for indoors because you can keep the volume a bit lower and, the day after intense speed work, you can keep the running pace very low and still get a good flush-out.

So the s-u/p-u combos are only used between 100m reps and nothing longer?

so 100m run, set up, crunch other 100m run.

thanks CF,
ps the other 2 question can you answer?