Some Jarmila Kratochvilova's training

1976 (PB 11,5ht and 23,6ht)


SU-I-150 jumps, abs work
II- 8 km run with 13lb weight vest

MO-I-6x500m (1:45) 6min. rest
II- circle training(4 x 2 min.)

TU-I-4x350m (200m29s) rest6min.

WE-I-6x500m (1:35) with 13lb weight vest rest 7min.
II- games + circle training (4x2min.)

TH- I-rest (sauna)

FR- I-3x100m easy, 8x starts till 60m, 3x100m accele., 3x100mF-E-F, 4x40m fast
II- 2 x 6 x 150m rest4min./12min (90%)

SA- I- running excercises with weight vest, weights,
II- 12km run with 13lb weight vest

According to her coach that was like walk with the child.

1982( PB 11,09, 21,97, 48,61)

MAY in Font Romeo.

time trial2 x 300m rest 15min. (34,4 and 35,1)

1983 (PB 47,99, 1:53,29)

April in Caslav

20 x 200m uphill with 13lb weight vest rest 2min.

Where did you see this? Sounds like she’s in the Army!!!

In her book Čekání ( English- Waiting) I have others materials so I’m going to post them soon…

The 11.09 etc was 1981, not 82 (I was there)

Pavel, thanks for posting. It is excellent to have a forum member in your part of the world to provide insight and education on athletes we don’t get to know well enough. kk:)

I agree! I saw a presentation on her by her coach in the spring of 81 at the Venice sprints conference and he mentioned that they trained outside for most or all of the year and sometimes used spikes on an ice rink. Any truth to this?

This sample should have the disclaimer “Ms. Kratochvilova is trained professional…” :rolleyes:

Yes, there were times when she and her coach had no reach to any indoor facility and this was the only way to run in spikes in winter.

Thank you for the post! This training volume would crush a mere mortal :slight_smile:

Jarmila is not a mere mortal! My ex coach Ludvik Svoboda was telling me of a training session he saw here do in spain…5x500 with full recovery, all times faster than the fastest recorded time ever (no WR in this event).She managed only 4, so her coach made her come back the next day and do it all again…thats what I call training!
Thanks for the post Pavel!

Žádný problém… :slight_smile:

Heya to the czechs!:slight_smile:

how come with that much work she wasnt overtraining??

You can guess… :slight_smile:

I have a lot of information on Jarmilla’s training. I couldn’t upload to this thread so sent it to the CF e-mail address, hoping Rupert could post it for me, did you receive the files ok Rupert ?

anything new from Rupert?

From Sports Illustrated Jan '84
‘Instead, she put in two hard training sessions a day, doing such things as 15 brisk 300-meter intervals of 47 seconds each, with 100 meter trots in between. Miler’s work. “The philosophy of her training,” said her gently smiling, roly-poly coach, Miroslav Kvac, “is that building endurance doesn’t have a negative effect on her speed.”’
A gentle tempo session falling within the bracket 75% of best time or slower.

Philg can you try and post that info again or see if rupert got it alright?

Its in hand, hopefully it will be on the site soon.

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