Any of you Coaches have any good conditioning test for softball; the head coach wants the test to be mentally challenging.

I played baseball at the D1 level and played fastpitch softball at the highest levels (state championships, national tournaments) and even at those levels, skill was much more important than fitness. The bases are much closer than baseball, and there is not that much demand for aerobic fitness. I would never cut a skilled player because they were a little out of shape. It’s much easier to run/train a highly skilled player into shape than to teach a lesser skilled player to be a better fielder or hitter. I put pitchers at the top of this list. Older, out-of-shape softballers were among the hardest to hit pitchers I’ve ever faced, and that includes several baseball pitchers I faced in college that went on to success in the pros.

I agree with star…
I wish I could come up with something witty to say about a softball conditioning test, but I’m out of luck.
As I’m sure you know already tamfb, there can be an arguement that softball has the least aerobic component of any collegiate sport offered !
I guess my test would be to make sure they can perform those STUPID chants that they do without losing their breath…perhaps a yodeling test? :slight_smile:

What, exactly, is a mentally challenging conditioning test? Or did you mean physically challenging?

Look it up and report back!

No problem, I got some ideas from ASU softball SC…