sodium bicarb

I have read thru the creatine discussions and sodium bicarb has come up a few times so I thought another thread might be useful.

I have used sodium bicarb for over 11 years now taking it before races at 400m. Some 200m runners have tried it and thought it to be useful also.

It is minging stuff to take and can make you throw it right back up if there is anything sugary on your stomach - so be careful!

Sometimes you get diahorea with it, but mostly I dont! With the pure stuff it is recommended that no more than 300mg per kg of body weight is of benefit.

That about 15 - 20g for most of us which is about 3-4 rounded teaspoons of the stuff.

For me, I feel a definite benefit and many people now swear by it after trying it. But its one of those things to try in training first. I have found about 90 mins pre comp to be about right.

I have done sub 46 for the 400 since 1995 and its helped me! Any comments please add.

I am not usually a 400 runner, but I’ve used it in 300-500m training sessions to great effect; the runs and recoveries are quicker. I feel lactic buffering and clearence mechanisms will still develop greatly since lactic still accumulates in great amounts, but the energy systems and fibres are activated moreso.

The first rule is conditionnig, which advances lactic tolerance significantly. the second is diet modifications to avoid foods and drinks that contribute to the problem, and the third is buffering with drinks like pedialite (baby drink for stomach upsets)- try the grape flavour, it’s at least tolerable. I’d watch out for taking large amts of sodium bi-carb as you may spend race time in the bathroom (also sodium citrate works better- no more than 1 tsp) -

What are some foods and drinks that contribute to the problem?

I would be curious to what foods could contribute to the problem as well…

Although i never got an upset stomach from sodium bicarbonate, i have always had trouble with actually drinking the solution. Once, i tried to use lemon gatorade to overpower the taste. It was gross :slight_smile: . Like stale lemon morain pie.

Bump. So Charlie (or anyone who knows), what were those foods that augment the problem?

Charlie, I have seen websites the list those foods which tend to make one’s system acidic, as well as those that tend to make one’s system alkaline. Do you feel that avoiding acidic foods and trying to take in more alkaline foods would be of benefit?

It should help- maybe you can post a link to a good list

Lemon water - most naturapaths around here swear by it.
basically, half a fresh lemon squeezed into a glass of water 2-3 times per day. Even though the lemon is acidic, it has very large powers in making the body more alkaline.

I know also, a few times i have experimented with various foods before a 800m race - and the best (before i found about lemons) was some fruit salad a few hrs or so before race. Lactic acid during the race was better buffered and recovery was faster.

Why Sodium bicarb and not Beta Alanine? A cost factor?

Water with freshly squeezed lemon is as good as any caffeinated drink for me.

Alkalize, alkalize alkalize…!

Beta alanine hands down. Have fun eating 20+g of bicarb.