I avoid soda before workouts as well as after a workout because i believe for whatever reason it is not good for recovery and or hydration since it is carbonated water and sugar. Can someone give me a valid reason exactly why soda is “bad”?

Im not sure exactly why pop is so bad. But i stopped drinking pop my senior year for track. Its been 3 years since i stopped drinking it, and now i cant stand the taste. It does have tons of sugar and high fructose syrup. A lot of pop also has lactic acid listed in the ingredients.

in addition, it contains empty calories, that continue to add up over time. :stuck_out_tongue:

OHHH IS THAT RIGHT???:stuck_out_tongue:

So what about diet soda??

I believe Clemson knows (no surprise there, what doesn’t he know) why all soda should be avoided.


I found this good article: