soccer vs sprinter

Did my first soccerpractice in SEVEN years yesterday. Seven years of sprinttraining tough.
One big diffirence I noticed, was how soon my stamina ended, my legs just had it.
In the old soccerdays, I always was the fastest,(and so I still was the first 10 min :rolleyes: )
but back then I could sprint 20-30m´s in 90min without loosing it.
The coach ended the seassion with 2x4x60m zero recovery between, and I just made it joging thrue them.
My main sport still is track, but either my fitness are really bad, or there is a totaly diffirent system working after 7 years of real sprintwork.
It was tough not to say bye-bye to the others during thoose 2x4x60m´s. But back then it was chasing the ball 90 min, now days you race one race… :smiley: