Soccer/ Sprint Journal

No games every saturday or friday night. yeah 50metres not 500. Yeah sorry i should have explained better. Am squats yeah i do warm up sets. So always a dynamic warm up (30 min various hip mobility exercises and etc ) a sample squat session would go 70kgx5 70kg x5 110x3 125x2 then work sets 140x5 then 132x5 . My goal is to play in england professionally . The training sessions during the week are not very high intensity. The med ball throws are used to prime my cns just 3-5 throws. What i done today. I have looked through some of the threads. I think some people here underestimate the athleticism in english Premier League. My goals are to improve my speed and power. I will also run some 100m races in the summer so I will prob add in more speed endurance work. As i have 3 rest days any suggestions what i can do on this days ?

What i did today
Dynamic warm up 3x50m . 2x60 m followed by 1x80m

Dynamic warm up
Sprints 3x50m 2x60m(best of 6.17 ht timed of first movement so no reaction)
Weights Squats 5x140kg 5x120kg RDL 112kgx6 102kgx6 90kgx6

What are you doing for your Dynamic warm ups? Did no plyos today

Some light low intensity plyos as part of my warm up. some light jogging.glute activation exercises hip mobility etc >Usual about 30 min warm up

Can you give some examples of low intensity plyos,and glute activation exercises hip mobility

I notice your weight squats are 5x140kg 5x120kg RDL 112kgx6 102kgx6 90x6 .Why do you start with heavy weigth and then go to lighter weigths? will you progress to heavy weigths in your next workouts are stay the same?

Dynamic warm up…Some jumps 3xSLJ …6 med ball throws
Sprints 3x50m 2x60m

Had a soccer game today in the morning …Later i did

Dynamic warm up
Squats 140kgx6 132x4kg
RDL 112kgx6 102kgx5 92kgx6

dynamic warm.
med ball throws x3 SLJ x3
2x50m 3x60m 1x80m
will have training later which will be mainly tactical and technical.Big focus on possession .the strikers will focus also on some shooting

i had soccer training on the 27/3…focusing on small sided games and one touch or two touch passing.

Dynamic warm up
Sprints 3x40m1x50m 2x60mps in this ,
Squats 140kgx6( i think i could def get 8 reps but wont rush it) 135kgx4
RDL 112kgx6 102kgx6 92kg (i will add on some weight next workout)

In the squat i usually do simple linear progression. obviously i will prob have to do more periodised strength work when i stop getting stronger or increase volume. But for now i am getting stronger and my one rep max is about 160-170kg(full deep squat)

Hello dalton
the squat simple linear progression.Did you started off with a much lighter wt and got stronger by using only 5reps with 2 sets the reason is i am following your same workouts if it is simple and get results ,that works!

I have always stayed in the 5 or 6 rep range…yeah i think 2 working sets works well . Just make sure u are eating well…Eg: enough protein in your diet and a clean diet.

Have you ever tried doing 3 work sets or from your experience and knowledge do you think 2 working sets can provide enough stimulus to improve your strength progressively? I’m just wondering if doing 3 sets would be better than 2 or if 2 would be enough.

i dont think 2 or 3 would make too much of a difference. 2 working sets does provide enough stimulus for me,but i imagine i will need to increase the volume in the future.

Bearpower by Mr Barry Ross uses the dead lift and the wt % ranges from 85-95% 1 rep max and only uses 10 reps total works well for strength gains

So you guys think doing 3 sets probably is not gonna give me more than doing 2 sets and I could use that time to save energy and recover better for my later workouts like soccer work and speed?

it would depend on how much you are lifting…if you are inexperienced lifters…3 sets may be better at working on technique

My technique is really good and I go pretty heavy for myself when I do 5 reps. Do you think I should try 2 sets as it may help get the same results but there would be less fatigue by not doing that last set I suppose. Do you think it’s fine to do 3 sets for upper body lifts as well or leave those to 2 as well?

Just remember Barry Ross trains a lot of high school kids with short seasons and low training ages. Just be careful with that program. There are a grand total of zero elite athletes doing a Barry Ross program.


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