Soccer program

Monday: Hip mobility. Start with going over hurdles in different angeles, I do as many set I can for about 10minutes.

3#4-6reps Deep squats

3# 4-6reps Box squats

2#4-6reps Lunges

3#8-12reps leg raises on swizerball

3#8-12reps on swizerball

1#8-12reps twistcrunch

Hipmobility in 10minutes,like warmup and then static streching in 15minutes(full body)

Tuesday: In morning: Agility training. 10minutes hipmobility before/after the session. 5minutes of tumbling. cone drills(nebraska,pro agility etc), reaction drills for quickness.

Afternoon:Session with my soccer team, oftenly much endurance and not any speed training. After them I do hip mobility(hurdle) in 10minutes and then static streching in 15minutes(full body)

Wed: Hip mobility in 10minutes,
3set powersnatch 3-6reps

2set powerclean 3-6reps

2#8 overheadsquats

3#4-6reps benchpress

3#4-6reps Dips

2#4-6reps incline dumbellpress

3#4-6reps barbell curl

2#4-6reps dumbell curl

3# 4-6reps pushdowns

2#4-6reps incline skullcrusher

Static streching in 15minutes(full body)

tursday: Morning, hip mobility in 10minutes, 5minutes tumbling training, cone drills,agility ladder training and reaction drills for quickness. 10minutes hip mobility at the end of the session and then static streching for about 15minutes(full body)

Friday:: Hip mobility(10minutes hurdle training), 5minutes tumbling, 3set powercleans4-6reps, 2set hangcleans 4-6reps, 3set deadlifts 4-6reps, 2set chins 4-6reps, 2set good mornings 4-6reps, 2set split jerk 4-6reps, 3set pushpress 4-6reps. 3set crunch 8-12reps on swizerball, 2set leg raises on swizerball(8-12reps) 10minutes hip mobility, 15minutes static streching(full body)

Saturday:: Match with team,hipmobility before/after the match,15minutes static streching after the game(full body)

Sunday: Off day.

If you guys have any suggestions I will be very happy! Please comment anything you want! Remember that my goal is speed/agility so endurance is not that much prioritated.

What do ya think about this approach?

EPS training= November,December,January

LPS training= Februari,Mars

IS training=April,Juni

I want to be sure to build up my strength as much as I can on EPS so therefore I will train 12weeks of hevy strength training.It will include hevy cleans,snatches,deadlifts,deep squats,lunges,stiffteddeadlifts,overheadsquatsetc. I will train 4-6reps and keep the set like 8-9 on every bodypart. 2times/week it will be submaximal sprint training to focus on runnning mecanism.It will be acceleration drills like build ups, circuit running,variation of intensity running(build up for 15yard,then maintain for 40yard and then decelerate for 15yard) to here.Also 2agility drills/week and dynamic range of motion drills(going over/under hurdles and tumbling exercise) before EVERY training session and static/PNF streching after every session.

In LPS I will do more agility work, 3times/week and start with maxvelocity sprint 1time/week. 2 submaximal sprint/week and I include 2 plyometric session to.The strength training will be the same as EPS.Flexibility training will be the same too as EPS.

IS I will decrease my strength traning to 2/week and do 1plyo workout/week.Agility drills will be 3/week and I donĀ“t do any maxvelocity sprint in IS.Sub maximal sprint will be 2times/week.Flexibility training are the same all the time!

So,what do you think?
If you guys have any suggestions I will be very happy! Please comment anything you want! Remember that my goal is speed/agility so endurance is not that much prioritated.

After looking in the archives a bit I have seen that almost everybody trains like 3-1-3.As i have understand it, it like this

For example off season:For soccer,starts October

Week1: 8#20m sprint(total 160), amount of set/bodypart 7 for large, 4 for small. Plyos 4set(2set deep jumps,2set triple standing jump)

Week2: 10#20(200), same, same, plyos to same

Week3:12#20(240),same,same, plyos 5set

Week 4: 6#20m, decrease strength training(5set of large, 2set for small) 2set of plyos.

Does it continue this way? Should I increase the volyme rapidly after the unloading week? I want to peak for next summer so when should I start with strength maintainance then?