soccer in season lifting

ok, the season starts in about 5-6 weeks. In the weight room I am currently doing

power cleans, hang cleans, clean pulls, back squats, incline db press, dips, bb rows, push jerk, box jumps, and ab work with ~16 reps per session changing set/rep scheme most every workout

so an example day would be

powerclean - 5x3
squat - 4x4
db press - 2x8
bb row - 3x6
ab work - 3x15

I do something like this 3x a week, with 2 speed sessions a week.

As it gets closer to 2-a-days (start of the season), I will decrease this to twice a week so I can get more aerobic / interval work in.

My question is, what kind of lifting routine would you do
a) during 2-a-days (intense conditioning in the morning, field work afternoon)

b) during season (2-3 games a week, light practice in between)


I just finished typing our in season soccer routine into the computer (for this fall):

Here’s the overview -

2x a week
Pre-train/warm-up - 3 exercises (to accomplish the usual)
Training session - 4 “main” exercises a session - Day one - A. either ME squat, clean, snatch, or jerk - done on 3 week rotations for each lift
B. Either clean, step up, squat, or lunge - range 4-5 sets,4-5 reps, 72-82% of 1 rep max
C. Dynamic incline,flat, or close grip bench (also rotated in 3 week cycles, 6-8 sets, 2-3 reps, timed rest intervals)
D. Either Lat pulldown, Tri ext,JM press,row
(same set/rep range as B)
Post training - ab circuits, bicep, something"extra" for posterior chain

Day 2
(day’s set/rep/methodology is same as Day 1)
A. Jerk or snatch (4-5 sets, 2-3 reps)
B. ME Flat, incline or close grip
C.Dynamic lunge,squats, or pulls
D. Either RDL, rev-hypers, good mornings or glute-ham raises
similar set up with both warm up and post training.

Whole workout takes about 1 hour, start to finish. I’m not allowed to keep the athletes longer than that…
Hope this helps