Soccer cool down

For a college team practicing 2 hrs/day, how long should a cool down last? The practices are high paced.

It depends on what the session finished with.
Maybe you could give an example.

From talking to the coach, they usually end with “sprint conditioning” consisting of the coaches demanding 100% effort for full field sprints mixed with walk and jog recoveries. This lasts about 10-15 minutes. Their current cool down is about 1-3 minute jog, some half hearted static stretches and 2-3 minutes of abs.

Just today we did:

Morning session:
Low intensity plyos (single leg coordination ladder)
Specific Speed work (duels with finishes)
Decceleration work (double leg and single leg)

Theme play - tactical
2x4x2min 4v4 in double box with GK. 2min rest between reps and 5 min rest between sets.

We are in season, just played wed-sun rhythm and this is the only week when wed is free. I joined team before a week so I am carefuly implementing some of mine ideas in their training.

As for recovery, after 4v4 we did two laps jogging and ‘shaking’, deep breathing, and then stretching ala Stretch to win style… hip flexors, calfs, piriformis, quads, hams. Add some leg shakes and thats it.

Those are great!

I guess a more detailed question would be, is there a rule for determining cool down and what it should be made up of? Going along the lines of CF’s question of what they did last…

Have you look into Issurin Block periodization book? Also, I guess taking some carbs and proteins, minerals and water are more important than doin relax jogging?