Soccer - Braziallian style

Don’t try this at home…unless home is Brazil.


Great find! Rep points for you! :smiley:

That’s awesome.

Please keep in mind, that any “true agility” demonstarted in this video was developed before the age of 12. (sarcasm)


:eek:is this real?

I’ve watched it several times and keep looking for any “tricks” with the camera etc. It appears to be real.

Back in the 60’s, some of the best gymnastics was done in Santa Monica on the beach. Ever heard of Muscle Beach? The 1st triple back off the horizontal bar and rings was done by Mark Davis, in the mid-60"s. Some of the craziest stuff in skate boarding, BMX, gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding was first done just for “fun”.
Then someone got smart and organized it and made it into a sport and it went downhill from there.


brazilian soccer players are all circus acts…
thats not soccer… sorry to burst your bubbble…

yeah thats not real !