So You Wanna Be The President...go To The Philipines

MANILA, Dec 15 DPA - A man who plans to hire soothsayers and a woman claiming to be a fiancee of US President George W. Bush were among the first candidates to register today for the Philippines’ presidential elections next year.
None of the prominent presidential aspirants showed up at the start of the 18-day period for all candidates inthe May 2004 polls to file their certificates of candidacy with the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
Andres Ugboc, 63, said he was confident he would win the presidential race with the help of spiritual intervention''. He vowed to hire clairvoyants to help security forces go after criminals once elected. There’s no other solution but to approach the power of psychic ability in life, the paranormal,’’ he said,after filing his certificate of candidacy.
Another presidential aspirant, 47-year-old Salve Ruiz-Bush, claimed she was engaged to the Americanpresident and even told reporters that it was the leader of the world’s most powerful country who convinced herto run.
Ugboc and Ruiz-Bush were among 12 people who filed their certificates of candidacy for the president.
German Valladarez, 61, promised to give all Filipinosone million pesos as well as free electricity and water if elected president. Money for you, for me and for the people,'' he vowed. A 55-year-old man, who also claimed to be themessiah’’, also filed his certificate of candidacy, saying he has 97 per cent powers given by God''. The Comelec said candidates have until January 2 next year to formalise their plans to run for the elections, after which nuisance’’ candidates will be deleted from the list.
Among the top contenders for president are incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who was in Bahrain for a visit,action movie icon Fernando Poe Junior, opposition Senator Panfilo Lacson and veteran legislator Raul Roco.
Poe, the ``king’’ of Philippine movies and a close friend of ousted president Joseph Estrada, has beenl eading the aspirants in recent surveys.