So whats a good standing long jump?

So what’s a good standing long jump?On the track I go to there is an area with black pavement inside the track where there is some chalk written feet that are marked off on the pavement. I tried the stading long jump and did about 9 feet. Is this good?

that sounds pretty good. does anyone know the world record for the standing long jump. All i know is that it was 3.47m in 1912.

i want to say 12’4" but i may be wrong.

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i want to say 12’4" but i may be wrong.

That’s it.

so lets hear some personel records from everyone then. Lets let this guy know how his 9 ft matches up. It’s raining in Boston, so I’ll post mine when it dries up.

Mine is 3.25m

I did this after a six week plyo program. I went from 2.95m to 3.25m in 6 weeks.


8’11" in school at the beginning of last year.

3.05m/10.0ft after strength and plyometric phases

i get 11.5ft in the standin long jump the last time i did it (7 months) ago

wow 11.5 feet that’s awesome, how fast are you?

Am going to be a senior in High School next school and my Jr. year was my first time running track and i ran the 200 at 23.33 .
I have spent this summer doing plyometrics and I only timed my 10 yard dash so far which was 1.55 from a 2.24.

I know my top speed had increased , because i feel weak
at top speed now.

mabye I should start doing some plyometrics thats’s a pretty good standing long jump.

I’m 14 and my best is 8 feet 6 inches.

Mine was just over 3 meters. (3.05 if I remember correctly)


We did a mini standing LJ test today (among other brief tests), I did 2.82 but with barely two tries … with 5-6 tries I could have gone over 2.90 at least. Anyway, the important thing is that my slj increased significantly since the last time I got tested, about 6 months ago (I believe it was a low 2.70 with 4-5 tries, but the sandbox was nearly a foot empty so really I was probably SLJing in the 2.50 area only on a level sandbox because of the extra vertical height). This is accurate as in the last 6 months my vertical has also increased to where I can easily reach the rim again (again because I used to reach more then a full hand over the rim … then didn’t do sport for an year, was injured another full year … when I came back an year ago I was destroyed, I could barely reach the net … long story).


3.20m, in a quadathalon (standing long jump, standing triple jump, 30m sprint, and backward-overhead shot throw).

in 7th grade when i ran like a 6.4 50yard dash i standing long jumped 8’6".