so, what are shin splits?

ok, everyone has them at some point, nothing can be donne about them prety much (ok ok dont eat me alive, i know i know im just joking)

but what are shin splits, what couses them, and is there any hard core solution?

im assuming here, that its not just one thing, but some books ive read state that when intencity or volume or both is increased in excercises involving jumping, running etc on hard surface the anterior muscles swell and perhaps hypertrophy occures the fascia covering the muscles is not flexible enough so when lets say, resisted dorsiflexion or something to that effect occures momenteraly blood flow is restricted, AFTER that when the muscle relaxes blood flow is increased, the muscle swells and thus hurts.

is that about right? Also, empiricaly what is the most comon shin splits? I hurt in the iner side of the shin, know what i mean?

try this link

Epote, have a look at the following:

It is often associated with overtraining (particularly at the start of a season’s training), running on hard surfaces, or poor running technique.

As the term is too vague, the following conditions could be included: stress fractures of the tibia or fibula, inflammation on the outer side of the ankle (peroneal tendinitis), increased pressure within the muscle compartments and inflammation of the membrane covering the tibia (medial tibial stress syndrome).

In all of these conditions, the irritation and pain spreads and continues throughout activity.

The symptoms stop when activity ceases, but the leg usually remains tender to the touch.

Treatment depends on the precise cause, but usually includes a long period of rest, ice treatment, anti-inflammatory medication (e.g., aspirin for you) and stretching exercises.

Hope this is of some help and you stay out of this!