So is this how correct sprinting is supposed to feel?

okay, so i just got back from track today, and i’m pretty pumped because i felt faster than i ever did.

before my form was always messed up and i had always felt like something was holding me back. multiple people out of nowhere used to tell me i looked like i was trying to hard to run, and that i would be faster if i relaxed.

so i used to watch track and field videos of carl lewis and ato, etc to try and get the correct running form, but i didnt know that running is supposed to feel like an elastic bounce and not a forceful action, so in order to look just like what i saw in the videos what i was doing was reaching out, pulling myself across the ground, doing a little donkey kick in the back, then pushing my knees up like in a high knee drill. it had no flow or rhythm whatsoever because i was forcing the movements from my knee joint/quads to have good form. nobody told me that those guys form was just a result of their proper technique.

anyways, today when i was running i pushed my legs off the ground in a certain way at a certain angle and it came zooming back under me and back towards the ground and i was like “whoa!” so i kept doing it and before i knew it i was zooming down the track and it felt automatic, like my legs were working themselves and i was just telling them where to go. it felt pretty awesome to tell you the truth, and i felt like i could’ve beat anyone else out there on the track.

sorry for the long read, i tried to be descriptive, but my question is, is that the feeling you are supposed to get when you run correctly, like a marching/bouncing feeling? i know you can’t feel what i felt in my body, but is that kind of the feeling that you guys get when you are running?

can anybody help me out at all?

Have someone time you for a set distance. Stick with what gives you the fastest time.