So how did Herschel Walker's lifestyle go?

all i know is that he did a lot of pushups and sit-ups

i think i also remember him only eating one meal a day

I’m sure you can find something on him on google. I’m pretty sure he wrote a book, autobiography I believe. What worked for him though would not work for everyone. He was a freak of nature.

ya, i just now looked at his highlights for UGA, looked cooler than barry sanders in college

he was a freak,he didn’t love weights, but used lunges for example…although his Bread and butter where BW exercises…also, before he was a champion, it’s hard to imagine that in Hs and college he could skip the mandatory training…

Herschel Walker was one of the all time greatest athletes I’ve ever seen. He was a freak of nature and his methods likely wouldn’t work for most of us. He succeeded in spite of his methods, not because of them. He was built like a brick house and was a fine college sprinter as well.

If I recall correctly, he was VERY disciplined with his daily routine. He is a devout Christian and spends considerable time each day on Bible study. As for his training, during the good portion of his career, he did hundreds of push up and crunches daily. He did pushups from many different hand positions, e.g. wide grip, regular grip, diamond grip, feet elevated, hand stand push up; he also did pull ups and bodyweight lunges and one-legged squats. He also mentioned once in a sports illustrated article that he often would go on 4-mile runs several days per week. Kind of counter productive to sprints right? Well, in spite of that, well into his 30’s he could run a 4.4 40 yard dash. He truly was one of a kind; the type that comes along once in a while.

When Herscel Walker was the brakeman for USA 1 sled with Brian Shimer, Shimer and him roomed together. Shimer told me he never saw him do a single pushup or situp, rather he weight trained like everyone else.

I just saw a photo of this guy when he ran the 60 yards in 6.15 seconds and the guy was a freaking monster he was huuuuge, literally dwarfing his competitors!!!

that’s what I meant…for sure he had such habits , but at least they had been pushed as an odd thing, also to meke people talk and sell books…and remember that when he was no one i hschool or beginning college he had to do what the others did…maybe in summer he liked those pushupsù:)