so football trainers say absolutely no speed training

the trainers that are working with my football team are saying that we should not be doing any speed training during this hypertrophy phase. they are saying it will not help us right now in the offseason.
i don’t understand how we are not doing any movement efficiency work or maintance speed work.

anyone see their logic behind this??

what level are you? also, are you doing any drills( ie coverage)

i dont see a major problem with during something like that for a short time period 4-6 weeks while performing tons of mobility work aka hurdles etc and a good long dym warmup before each session. remember many programs dont perform any running etc until 6-8 weeks before the season.


lose the caps. its not track, its football and you dont have to run the first couple weeks of offseason the body is going through so many other changes in the early phase. if he dont run for first 4-6weeks trust me he wont lose speed, he may even get faster from the increase muscle and strength.

Oh yeah I did not run at all for the first 6 weeks after football, no way gotta recover from feeling like my body was dead for the last 4 months. Only after 6 weeks then did I ease back into it. A hypertrophy and core strength phase is also very good for your muscles after a long season. Good coaches will ease you back into speed and strength training pretty soon from now.

ok, it just sounded odd to not do ANYTHING. all they want us doing is 4 days a week in the gym to get some muscle mass and fix any imbalances (which i totally agree with). i just didn’t know why we wouldn’t do any tech work or maintance.

There should be a speed component in one form or another throughout the entire year. Check out the Vancouver Series from the store.

i agree 100%.

No, he won’t get faster in sprinting without actually sprinting, especially for that period of time.

Hypertrophy type workouts are fine if they are moving towards working on strength training. Depending on the level of athletes, 4 weeks of hypertrophy type training might be too long. Forget the bulk, work on strength. The functional bulk will come in time.

It’s all just a matter of training style. Since this is the Charlie Francis board, his theory is that there should be some speed version in all the time. Different people see it different ways. That the art of coaching.
(As a coach) Do what you coach says, see if it works. That’s the only way that you’ll know if it works for you.

p.s. I took a group of 13-14 year olds, and over an 8 week period of time did only weight room work (bodyweight, db’s, etc.) and pre-and post tested them. The average kid improved in the 30 meters by .25 seconds and the vertical jump by 3.5 inches. So it can happen. It just depends.

All training elements should be in place year round while changing the volume and intensity of each element. You could change your speed work to mostly hills for example.

After a season is over, feel free to take a month off of training. I’m not sure if this is what you are referring to with the 4-6wks of weights only.

I agree with Kaczmarski. Although I would rather do some kind of running, you don’t have to in order to improve athletically. They probably want the weights to be the main focus and not have anything taken away from it. Also, they might be giving you a chance or expecting you to do your own kind of speed. I know as a football player I enjoyed those weeks where I could run on my own, play basketball, raquetball, etc - do my own thing.
Did you ask them what they thought of that, or what the method was behind the plan (tactfully would work best)?

what age group is the team, how long is the rest from last season and how long is your pre season.

As you say, they were 13-14 years old…

i agree we are not track runners, our body take a major beating and i think some time off from the running etc would not hurt one bit, also if they get the base strength back up that will help speed.

Why wouldn’t you do some sprint technique work at sub-max to keep their sprint form at a high standard? There is no reason not to sprint. If people are keeping athletes from sprinting because of their weight program, the weight program is not appropriate - unless they are an Olympic weightlifter. The last time I watched a football game, sprinting appeared to be a pretty important part of the game.

Good sprint training can be done all year round in varying volumes - depending on your focus. But dropping your running altogether will only result in having to do more technique work when you start back up and may result in more soreness after the time off. It may be only one day where you are working on basic drills and very relaxed accels over 10-30m, with technique being your highest priority for the runs.

I suspect this trainer simply doesn’t want to put in the time to provide running sessions at this time of the year. There is no logical reason for not doing it.

they said no other work. he made it quite clear he did not want any conditioning at all. he said all he wants is for us to gain lean muscle mass.
we are a university team. and the thing is our team has horrible speed which they even saw before we started this program and told us while showing this program.

for me personally, this is not what i need right now. i didn’t play the last two years because of an injury. i really need alot of speed work and more athletic movements.

besides what they say i am going to do atleast some sprinting tech work and some football drills. ill keep doing their program because we have team lifting practices.

Does this guy secretly video tape you 24hrs/day? If not… then you can go do whatever you want.

The only reason why I would see his proposal valid is if you severly lacked muscle mass.

yeah, like i said i am going to do some other stuff.