Smolov Squatting plan??

I recently read the smolov squattin plan and was wondering about its efeectiveness for sprinters and developing power/strenght.

What do you all think about it?
My squat at the moment is about 130kg and i really need to up this figure to around 200kg and i hope that i can do this this coming winter. I was hoping smolov can help?

Opinions please?

Also in terms of a bench program what would you recommend? Ive seen other calculators thats similiar such as
and another on tmag by thibadeau. Would anyone recommend these or have any others?

I don’t see how you can squat hard 3x/week. I’m not a fan of these “russian routines” in general… these programs seem to be for the ‘enhanced athlete’. If you did do the Smolov workout, I doubt you’d have any gas left for sprinting.

I’d look at stuff from Westside-barbell or elitefts. If you want books, I’d recommend Modern Trends in Strength by Poliquin, Power by Fred Hatfield, and To Squat or Not to Squat by Ricky Dale Crain.

what mortac said, if you do the smolov program, you won’t be feeling up to do much of anything else, besides eat and sleep.

at the moment im following a modified WS4SB training plan but i need to work on my squat a lot and my bench and i think im gonna do this over the winter.
I wanna hit 200kg asap