Small-size split-short.

Does anyone know of a split-short that come in small sizes?
I bought an Adidas split-short, size small, and it is just way to big, and way to baggy. What good is a short inseam when there is just to much material everywhere else?
I’m thinking like the nike-shorts in 84 and 88…

:smiley: Hey thor if u really want the full retro look u should get some knee length stripey socks like Hasely Crawford :wink:

Actually, I find that quite fashionable, but somehow I don’t think it will look as good on my pearly-white legs…

(But what are the men in the back wearing? Thats scary!)

Anyone try the Insport sprint short?

I posted a thread about this at Runningtimes.

I looked almost everywhere and here’s the verdict. Until March or April, you won’t find anything but the large sizes before the summer stock comes out. I’ll be looking out for the Nike ones though.

Thor, I think this is what you’re looking for.

Or this.

Maybe I should order eight of the Dolpin-V’s and go for XXS?
I must add that it is not looks I am after, but the feel. A short inseam is no good if it starts halfway down your thighs…
I have a feeling Dennis Mitchell got his special-made. “” looks like a good place.

XXS??? yikes! I hope you’re not planning on wearing those in public, unless you like sprinting in thongs. Believe me they’re plenty small and they feel smoooooth.

Also, that website has the new Nike speedsuits for those interested.

(I have worn worse in public… :o )

Are they close-fitting in the crotch area? The outer fabric I mean. I hate it when there is to much fabric there. And what about the sides?
In short: I don’t want to look like no distance-runner…

:eek: lol! They are 100% Ben Johnson retro! Close cut everywhere, I definitely recommend getting the ones with the liner so that nothing unexpected pops out. :smiley:

Thats what I was hoping for.
(Mum, I’m gona look like Ben Johnson!)