Slow wound healing

Please don’t tell me that it is age related (being 47 isn’t old is it?) but I have noticed that cuts and nicks and regular road rash that I have sustained over the past year or so seem to take quite a bit longer to heal than I would think that they should. I am not diabetic or have any other health problems. It can’t be age just yet?!? Can it? Low mineral levels? Any thoughts from anyone.

Thanks for the reply gents! Will try.

Dear Paul:

Zinc supplementation may help to
accelerate healing. If you are low
in zinc, you will notice the benefit
fairly quickly regarding healing.

Try taking 25-30 mg of zinc per day.

Try L Glutamine.

I know you said you’r not diabetic, is this because you’ve gone to the doctor and been checked out? Might be worth trying. If not, higher protein intake is associated with faster wound healing.
Good luck