Slightly Knock Kneed! Help!

im a sprinter 14 years old 145lbs just over 6’ tall and have been training for a year, twice a week. and i have osgood schlatters but it doesnt hurt any more and i still have the lumps

im slightly knock kneed - when i put my legs together my feet are about an inch and a half apart. im wondering will this be a problem? is it something that needs to be fixed or is it ok to just leave it and get treatment or something if it causes problems? ive also been asked to train 3x a week and im worrying that once i get past a certain training load my knees will get badly damaged. thanks in advance.

btw i wasnt really sure where to post this

I don’t have enough practical experience to advise on OS and I’m not sure if anyone here has - if they have they’ll help.

osgood schlatters. wow, that brings back very terrable memories.
like not being able to walk down stairs without using the hand rails to basically climb down with the arms.
walking along a kicking a tiny 5cent peice stone and stopping in agony!
so much pain for so long, ouch.
i got over it by acupuncture and weights training, squats. start off by using the bar, 20 reps, then every wk, add 5kg per side and keep the reps high. Within 2 months of me doing that, the knees have been fine for over 12yrs now. Not ever a problem. i still have the lump under the knee caps where the bone was ripped apart. There is no pins and needls, nothing pain related at all. Nothing agrivates it.
As for having knock knees, i dont have. perhaps there is a postural imbalance there? tight msucles and or weak muscles that need to be strengthened and stretched out. Visit a good physio or sports physical thereapist to have your legs checked out and follow their advice.

boldwarrior is right the problem for the most part can be resolved with proper training, strengthening the proper muscles and condtioning the neurological system to maintain the proper balance between muscle groups.

the pain of my os has gone completely. its just the knock kneed bit im worried about.