Anyone ever use them?
I think I know the answer I am going to get but sometimes you never know.
If you were given one for free would you use it and what for and why? Or would you use it as a shoe rack or put 2 barrels under it and use it as a table.

For those of you that do not know what these are dont worry about it. lol.
If you are real curious to know just open up a perform better catalog or just do a search.

Why not? I wouldn’t say they will give you magical powers like some claim but I definitily think they help strengthen the AB&ADductors and are another fun conditioning component. I have used them for indoor tempo/PUSU circuit sessions because you can hop off and do other exercises and there is no pounding effect (thought the DOMs is real :smiley: ).

I also guess in some ways it resembles skating and if you want to formally teach someone how to cut and change direction there is no better way of gettin them to understand how the force vectors you create affect movement than giving them some inline skates (or sticking some on yourself). You can then ask them to notice what the most efficient way of changing direction is while using them (since the restriction of friction to the sagital plane running through both feet means you have to plant with the outside foot and lean into the direction of movement in order to go anywhere, which is what good players tend to do naturally anyway).

Slideboards are great tools.

I have one and use it once in a while for tempo. You can also do some high intensity work on it.

Like Clemson said, its a great tool to have in your toolbox.

Since it uses different movement patterns than running and it is virtually no impact, an athlete can often use it for injury recovery or fighting shin spints, etc.

Looked to me like it was another functional training gimmick. I actaully messed around with one for a few mins. and thought I was wasting my time.
I was afraid I was going to get these answers.
Clemson can you expand?

XLR8 has good points…

I like to use them for lunges since you can open up the psoas during the GPP, they can be used for conditioning besides skate like movements. Get on all fours and you can do mountain climbers and other core movements.

I used one for several weeks when I did this SAQ training for basketball. I had awesome results in jumping ability and speed over the time, but I did tons of exercises, not just the slide board. I would say to use it if you had access though.

They are not bad. I use them for soccer players as a lateral tempo work out after agility runs. The trick is getting a board thats good. The 8ft ones are pretty good.

We used slide boards about 3 years ago in our offseason (spring) workouts.
I liked the different type of workout stimulus we were getting, but the boards were too tough to keep from sliding, and the “booties” needed to skate on them would get destroyed by large groups. I would put 2 100 lb plates on each side, and still the boards would move. We also would armor all the surface, but they eventually wore down in less than 1 year…
All in all, it was too difficult to maintain using them for our teams…
I did see one “custom” one set up at UNC. They framed out a box, and used linoleum flooring with wax to make the surface slippery, and skated in just socks. I certainly don’t have the space in my weight room to permenantly have slide boards…

Which brand did you use?

We used “Naylor” slide boards from perform better. I had an 8 foot and an adjustable 10 foot one…

I have used the slideboard a lot for rehab exercises, but I don’t find much use foir it on a healthy athlete. XLR8 has the right idea, and I also have used it to perform shoulder stability exercises in the push up position. They are great tools for correcting certain weaknesses and for energy system training (like stated before), but this is about the extent to their usefulness, as I see it.

Who needs a slide board:) Go to a basketball court and do the Tom Cruise sock thingy:)hey…its free, plus I get to practice my headspins on the court…no I’m not joking:)!