Sleep scoring app

I came across Zeo Sleep manager. In my hobby of attaining optimal health, I had to buy it. I used it first time last night. It gives you objective scoring based on a simple formula of their data. You get this type of image in the morning.


How do you plan to factor that information in your personal training management? The information may be very accurate and interesting per se,but more important is the use we make of it.
Which parameters would you then consider first as directly related to your training and performance (i.e. LIFE)?

For me personally, I am a caffeine addict. I know there is a mental issue that I need it at times when I “feel” sluggish. I will play with my sleep and caffeine amounts and see how I function throughout the day.

I like the objective nature of it as well. It’s too early to tell what I can do with it. I do plan on doing personal case studies using sleep aids and measuring sleep score given certain factors (normal work day, normal resting day on the weekend etc). I want to play with data of naps during the day etc. Sleep information is very general, and I think largely due to the inability to have something to measure it cheaply and as easily as this looks to be (so far).

I do like the Smart Awake feature that awakes you at more optimal sleep cycle points. You have a range of time from 15-40 minutes of your latest wake time. It then awakens you at that point. I did wake up today within a 15 minute range and felt good, after a score of 83. I have no idea yet what a high score for me would be.

zeo sleep is great. for me the payload is in the smart-awake feature which seems to work very well. a good tool that we should be thankful doesn’t cost $1000.

All very interesting.Thank you.