Sled pulls as a plyometric???

Charlie what would your recomended weight for the sled itself, and what type of design would you recommend for indoor use?

Sure you can.
We used spikes to prevent any slippage as we did them from blocks at times with the Excellerator device. That way we could move from resisted to unresisted from one rep to the next with no other change.

how much rest did you use between the resisted to the unresisted, some camps say shorter rest 30-60sec while others say 2-3mins? Also have you ever done resisted runs follow by bounds follow by unresisted runs?

I would have recommended using spikes when using sleds for acceleration runs in order to get the necessary grip to maintain the shin and body angles??? Thoughts??

we have used sleds a fair amount in my group this year at a reasonable weight too. The sleds are 20kg and we add a 20kg plate to it. Were trying to improve our starts and drive phase and have been going to a full 60. Me personally am older them my training partner however im running better then i have for a good few years and he has knocked off a good few tenths this year off his hundred. Do you think that level of weight has helped more than what a lesser weight staying within a 10 per cent time frame would of been better. What im asking really is it similler to weight training were the resistance can effect different areas of the race

I have always done sled pulls with my trainers, the one time I used spikes I pulled my hamstring.

always used spikes for sprinting with sled and 20% body weight is the weight…

used it for bounding also in sneakers…

Tell three of the fastest men in the world that - bolt, powell, gay.

tell them what?

always used spikes for sprinting with sled

lol…funny you never made that point when CF said the same thing…

and do you think they didnt progress from grass in sneakers to tracks with spikes? ? ?

and is he doing a sprint drill here and is he using a sled and a release device ?

Many of the athletes I know that come from int tempo type program all use sneakers for sled pulls.

ok cool…im sure they do well as well…

im just putting my 2 sense in…when i use sleds for accel devel i want to run very fast with it, therefore spikes are best for me…

lol, you cant run very fast with trainers on? I’m gonna run very hard today.

its a totally different feeling for me…i can run much faster in spikes i know that…

well the pic in the thumbnail is not of a sled and i believe is just a simple hold back device which enables you to try note forward whilst performing drills similler to pushing against a wall but with obvious advantages of having arms free. Also bolt has been known to use upto 60kg weight with sled. My training partners family is jamaican and he worships bolt. For me it has to be spikes for grip and dont position as well as extension which you just cant get in trainers.

We never did any sled pulls longer than 30m I think (although maybe it was 40m – it’s been a while since I’ve done them). We always did them on grass, and obviously we then had to use spikes.

But I think it would also work with flats on the track, it’s just that you don’t want to risk slipping and that can always happen in flats.

The weight was 7.5 - 10kg, so around 10-15% of body weight.

AND I think they work really well for helping with acceleration, and for me, even with top speed turnover.

Where’s the information stating Bolt uses 60kg sleds??

Tamfb - In that picture that is Bolt doing resisted running A’s on grass not sledge.

Sledge work in spikes. Simple. How can you possibly get the forces,angles and positions in flats?!You can’t…my old group and all the other groups in and around where I train (may I add they are all 10.1 - 10.5 sprinters) all use spikes for sledge.

Why not try pulling a 60kg sledge for yourself and see what happens. Even if you can run 9.7x secs its a pointless objective.