Sky1 fastest man in the world

last night i was lucky to view a programme called “next generation” by the BBC looking at the fastest men in the was hosted by…wait for it…micheal johnson(yes yes here we go again).

the first part started with soeul BJ and the man himself our own had great insight into the soeul 100m including shots which i’ve never seen reporter said it was the most unreal thing he has ever witnessed in his life.a short interview with CF stated him saying that ben was soo far ahead he could have sent the others a postcard!!

then the usual hoopla started.blaa blaa blaa…then you had MJ giving his opinion.after soeul it moved onto the more recent WR holders WC & OLy Champs.had inteviews with collins and alot of opinion from one interview with Gatlin he talked about technique.he regarded himself in the same mechanical side as carl lewis(i spat out my potatoes @ this stage) and MJ also regarded gatlin as the leader in this field @ the moment(uhhmmm collins,greene,obi do these guys not exist!)

the final part of this 1hour programme(yes 1hour of MJ talking crap) was talking about the shoes involved and gear.low and behold it was nike nike nike and nike the whole way…wasn’t MJ sponsered by nike.

conclusion…the first part of this programme was very very nails were totally gone within a few just focussed on soeul and it was great…new camera views etc and the whole hype of this particular race was had alot of interviews from ben(stuttering away) charlie and reporters whom were all stunned.after soeul it just wasn’t as interesting…seems like the sprinting is verry boring nowadays.

bring back on the late 80’s and 90’s cause back then the 100m seemed to be had lewis,BJ,christie,smith and many many more who all had different characteristics.

And for once i wish i owned a Television! Have to check out the website and see if you can watch it online.


TC i checked with no luck…trust me the first 15mins was the best but @ that MJ had me heading to the cabinet for anti-depressiants :frowning: :frowning:

i liked it, it got me hyped to sprint. I think we could of heard more commebnst form Greene and that, but i like the programme.

I can remember a programme like that befor 1996 olympics, i was only a young kid though.

Here’s a little bit more from the program:

M.J: Over the years, improvements in the track, the shoes and in technology have all helped to reduce times, but for the athletes, not a great deal has changed since the '20’s: Guts, Hard work and determination.

For me, Ben vs Carl in 88 was the biggest story in the history of track. Even today it’s been reffered to. My reaction was: “This is amazing, all the build-up, all the attention, so many people around the world watching!”
In Seoul, Ben’s form meant his camp were confident.

C.F: We knew he was under the W.R from 1986 but he didn’t get the conditions to get it officially. In 1987, he had a pretty significant stumble 3rd step out in Rome but he still ran 9.83.

B.J: We didn’t like eachother. He thought he was better than me. ‘You had your time, you won 4 gold medals in 84, now it’s my turn to take over’. The rivalry was just great. It was great for track, for the fans, for sponsorship. If a person spends $2.5 million on me, it’s my duty to win the gold medal. They believe in me so they deserve a victory.

M.J: I’ve always found it amazing to think that before the race, Ben already knew what his body was capable of.

B.J: At 90m I saw the big clock because it was just about on my left but face on. And I saw 9 seconds, so I eased up a little bit and I put my hand up in the air and I looked at Carl. I didn’t jump for joy or go crazy 'cause I knew I was doing that in practice. So it’s just another meeting. Even when I left the blocks, I knew that it was a W.R. His handshake wasn’t a fair shake. ‘You’ve had your time. This is my time. Let me enjoy my victory. Move over.’

Neil Winter (writer): The one that stood out most of all was Bob Hayes. Had he gone on like the athletes do today, he’d have broken that W.R many times. He was just unbelievably quick. I believe he’s the fastest man that’s ever lived.

M.J: It takes a lot of dedication to be the fastest in the world and to be the best that you can be. In terms of sacrifice, it depends on the individual. You believe you can be the fastest but you’re not gonna get confirmation every day that you’re right. You’re gonna get lots of signs that you may be wrong, but you’ve gotta stay focused on proving yourself right.

Alan Wells had no easy way to gain strength and power and his rise to the top came from sheer hard work and commitment. Wells had a unique training regime more akin to a boxer than to a sprinter. His punishing schedule didn’t include weights but consisted of a speed ball and mat work.

A.W: The way you’re hitting the ball, you’re actually pushing off your foot. Everything’s coordinated. It’s similar to running. It was as hard as you wanted it to be (repetitions-wise). We did free-standing squats, bounds, hops and jumps. No weights. It was all focused on speed on the track.

M.J: Self belief has to come from within and not from listening to those around you. That’s where race favourite Asafa Powell went wrong and missed his chance in 2004.

A.P: Everyone was saying that there’s no way I can lose, so I started thinking that and saying to myself that I can’t lose. I think that’s what got to me.

M.J: Dealing with pressure is crucial in sprinting and self belief is everything when history beckons.

There’s a strategy. You get out of the blocks and you get into the drive phase but you can only hold that for so long. Then there’s a transition…there’s always a transition in and out of each phase. So the strategy and the phases and how long you stay in those phases and what those phases are, will depend a lot on what type of athlete you are. The start is vital. Harold Abrahams would practice this over and over to improve reaction time. Sometimes though, reaction times are in-built. Ben’s start was phenomenal.

B.J: In the semi final, I got out of the blocks so fast, I broke the sensor and the guy gave me a false start. It was only when they put it back on the replay that I didn’t move. I was too fast for the sensor. That race was faster than the final, actually. That was about a 9.6 if I kept going. I was ready to turn on all the engines.

C.F: When you get into the ‘set’ position, you draw your breath in and hold it so that you can blow out under pressure. You don’t want to be caught sucking in air when you’re trying to go. You wanna only think of what you’re gonna do after the gun’s been fired. So the first thing that moves in an athlete is his lead hand, and so you think only of lead hand. When the gun fires, you’re startled and you think ‘Oh, that’s the gun’. Now we’ll go. You can pick up a tenth by changing that from reaction to a reflex.

A.P: If you make those first couple of steps too fast, you won’t have any energy for the end, so the first part is getting some long powerful strides.

Justin G: If I work on 1 phase at a time, that’s when I know my race will be successful. If I work on getting out of the blocks, then get into the drive phase, then my acceleration phase and then the finish line, my race will be successful. If I think too far ahead into the race then I’ll forget something in the beginning.

A.P: My drive phase is to 55m. Normally people drive until 30m. After 60m there’s no way you can go any faster. At the end you have to make some quick touches. That’s when you’re relaxing. Sometimes it’s like you’re not touching the ground.

M.J: When you’re relaxed, your shoulders are relaxed but they’re still working. They’re just not pushing. They’re not reaching for more. You’re not tense anymore. It doesn’t mean you’re slowing down, you’re floating. There was no-one better than Jesse Owens. Upright body and short arm take back. This was my natural style. but most people told me I’d have to change to be successful. Luckily for me, I found the right coach. Clyde Hart recognised that I wasn’t doing anything that was limiting me. He recognised that it was different but also recognised that it was similar to J.O and he always thought that J.O was a very efficient runner. Efficiency is the key to any sprinter’s running style, the ability to move effortlessly across the ground. Today most sprinters, like Asafa Powell, are power sprinters using more strength and muscle. The only athlete today that has a similar style to Carl Lewis is Justin Gatlin.

Gordon Valiant (biomechanist): The key to running faster: there is a relationship between running speed and the length of time the foot is on the ground. As athletes increase speed, the length of time the foot is on the ground is shorter and shorter. So I would think that the shorter the period of time the athlete can get his foot on and off the ground i.e strike the ground and rebound off the ground with propulsive forces, the more conducive that would be to faster sprinting.

Tobie Hatfield (footwear designer): On shoes you now have synthetic leathers, lighter weight, they don’t stretch out, they’re very smooth. On the spike plate, with the tighter eurothenes and harder mondos, you have spikes that match the surface. You now have compression spikes that don’t penetrate the surface but make a depression in the surface so that it’s a much smoother release.

M.J: What about the sprinter’s clothing? What if a material is designed that is faster than the human skin? Tests have proved that there are fabrics that have less drag than flesh and bone. Some are sceptical but the designers are adamant that it works. Asafa broke the W.R wearing this technology.

Clothing developer: We have proven in the wind tunnel through scientific modelling that this is faster. All else being equal, wearing this suit is gonna make you faster and will get the 10.10 guy to 9.9 or 9.78 to 9.77.

Stephen Francis: The reason why Asafa is gonna be very difficult to beat once he matures is that he is almost like a perfect machine. He is the person with a big man’s closing speed and a short man’s start. Once you have that combination, it’s very difficult to overcome. Once he gets a couple of years of strength and power under his belt, we’ll see the record being taken to a new level.

M.J: We’re getting closer to the limit. Just how fast will man go? Some say 9.5 is the ultimate limit but judging from the past, that won’t happen for another 100 years.

This program is repeated tonite on sky1 mix at 11-00 pm —enjoy :slight_smile:

Managed to find a TV this time! Interesting programme (though quite superficial - like most TV). There is some great footage with brand new interviews shot with Ben & Charlie. Infact ben gets a significant amount of air time perhaps due in part to one of the programmes “consultants”!

Unfortunitly NTL died on me during Charlie’s little speech about reaction time out of the blocks but the feeling i got from what i did see was that it’s one of his favourite set pieces and you can see it in Speed & Strength anyway so no real loss.

Despite this slight mishap I managed to record most of the programme on VHS and i will try and get it digitised to VCD on friday so perhaps you will see some more footage later on in the week?

I just wish MJ wasn’t so high and mighty. Plus i hope Craig Pickering doesn’t get too much paralysis by analysis from EIS. I’d like to see him go under 10s in 4-5 years time.

Another interesting thing is that the Biomechanist from Nike agrees with Charlie that ground contact time is the deciding factor in sprinting. Ummmm i wonder if Nike can use this information to improve thier spikes? :smiley: Wouldn’t a shock absorber in the heel deform and increase ground contact time?

Opps just noticed NickP has transcribed all the interviews. Way to go man! I was right Charlie was doing a set piece! I hope someone in the audience was listening from the UK!

From the transcript and comments MJ has made on BBC TV in the past I reckon its safe to say that MJ is a fan of Ben Johnson, I think he genuinely respects Ben regardless of what happened.

If anyone tapes it tell me where i can find it if you put it on the web?

Uploaded the bit about Ben with Interviews with Charlie. This is up for a limited time only. If anywone who downloads it could upload it somewhere that would be cool.

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I have the full thing if anyone has a spare 460mbs and an ftp upload.


Good clip.

Perhaps the whole file could be distributed as a .torrent?

i enjoyed it tremendously. made me wanna sprint too

After many requests I have managed to find the entire programme for download at the following link

Get it quick cos it will go…

Just curious, how long is this thing?
It might take a while… :smiley:
Thanks, TC!

It is 470 MB and it will take you about 20min if you have broadcast.

I know, but for some reason speeds drops…
Connection is good here…
I’ll try again…

I started downloading. 9 MB till now.Hey Nik. Speed drops and then comes up again. it varies. So you’ll just have to wait a bit. I mean wait a lot. :wink:

I must correct myself.It will take much more than 20 min.

If someone downloads this, could you please let me know?
Tried from uni a few times today, but speed is at 15KB/sec…
Just curious -as always! :cool:

its working between 2 and 4k/s so for me its very slow. I’ll have to leave it over night. I just wish no one plays around with this.