Anyone got these?

They are bloody expensive $140 Aus :eek:

richo has one i believe…

I know he has a top but don’t know about tights which is what I am interested in.

mate, if you are already or coming soon to the gold coast, there is a rebel sport i seen the other day at mount gravat, near QE2 sporting oval, they were selling the items, i believe i seen price tags around $70?? not sure what item it was for that price? but they had tops, pants-short n long. A bit of a selection.
Be good for them cold climates in NZ ey

I don’t have them myself but I know a lot of guys who use the long tights and swear by them for training and recovery.

They are bloody expensive $140 Aus

thats about $2,000 NZ right. :smiley: :smiley:

ahh yes, i do have skins. but yeah, it was a top.

my top actually costed $80 on special, with 10%. and at the same time, the skins pants were on special for about $70, but thats on a sale.

yes they are expensive, but i can not personally say how good they are. but several friends have them but they don’t say anything about recovery, they just use them for footy training when it is cold (us aussies train during winter in short shorts haha)

the top, i can’t say it helps with recovery. i haven’t really worn it during recovery time.

but if i was you, if you have the extra cash, may as well buy a pair. i will be buying a pair for next winter. but yeah, i can’t personally say how good the pants are nor if they recover, you just need to follow their website or a couple friends who has some and wear them during recovery.

hope i helped at all

hardy ha ha :cool: it is actually around NZ$160 which is the price I was given by the local stockists today. That is about double regular tights are …hmmm might go on my one day maybe list :stuck_out_tongue:

Boldwarrior, tights are an essential at this time of the year although sometimes a beanie and fleece top aren’t :frowning: