Size appearance doesnt equal actual mass? for me

Over the last year or so, I have gained size in my pecs/shoulders and legs. Everyone constantly comments how i look “bigger” quite regularly. Every once in a while a couple of people will say I look like i’ve put on a bit of weight. When I ask people how much they think I weigh, almost everyone will say 170-180.

My real weight is 152, and has barely increased over past while.

So whats the reason behind this? Im not trying to brag in any sort of way, just interested in knowing.

Someone told me it could be a lacking muscle or something. Thats not it, because my back, etc. are all up to par…

Someone else told me it could be low bone density? Doesnt make sense to me, because genetically, my family members have had no bone problems in their elder years, if anything I have above average bone density. Calcium intake is quite high as well.

Now I know people dont have faulty judgement, because when I stand beside someone of the same weight as me, I look bigger than they do. Then standing beside someone 20 pounds heavier, I look as big as they do very easily.

The leaner and more muscular you become, the bigger you look, even if your actual weight does not change. Just look at my avatar! Can you believe I only weigh 89lbs.?!?!?

I know what you mean. Look at Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, type his name in google, he is apparently 82kg/ 181lbs but could be confused for a mini Ronnie Coleman! (BBer)

I think it’s a low bone density as well. As far as I know, it doesn’t mean your calcium intake isn’t enough but is genetic. Thats what another sprinter from a different forum told me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this kinda helps. :cool:

ya interesting. But wouldnt low bone density = higher risk of fracture from falls? I’ve had probably triple the number of bad falls of the average person my age, nothing close to a fracture though.

When I was in the best shape of my life, I was about 180lbs, and almost nobody could believe it. Most people figured me for 200-205.

The contours of your body change. I also, often look heavier than what I am. Especially when shoulder hypertrophy is there. They dont see my slim ankles/lower legs.

Yup don’t worry about it. Most sprinters have “compact muscles and light bone density” which results in the strange weight to size ratio.

I don’t think a low bone density would make you more injury-prone because most sprinters include plyometrics and you don’t really hear about them getting injured.

You’re not the only one, infact, I will list some sprinters for you:

Deji Aliu
Height: 187m
Weight: 75kg

Ato Boldon
Height: 176m
Weight: 75kg

Usain Bolt (When 17 years old)
Height: 196m
Weight: 75kg

Darrell Brown
Height: 184m
Weight: 70kg

Darren Campbell
Height: 182m
Weight: 72kg

Shawn Crawford
Height: 181m
Weight: 75kg

Maurice Greene
Height: 176m
Weight: 75kg

Darvis Patton
Height: 183m
Weight: 75kg

I think you get the point! :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost none of those listed weights are correct (just because it is on a website doesn’t mean it is right or current). For example, Shawn Crawford said in an interview not long ago he is over 190lbs.

Aikines is also 5’9," which makes him pretty damn big for his height. Bolt has said he is over 210lbs.

To the OP, you’re likely short as hell (and or anorexic) and stand next to people who are taller than you, but the same weight. Look at pictures of Aikines, most would put him at 220 lbs…until they realized how tall he was.

Or, you carry more weight in your upper body than most (doubtful) and as this is what people look at to compare size, you look bigger.

Regardless, if you’re standing next to someone of the same height, of similar proportions, who is 20 lbs heavier than you and not a tub of lard, you don’t look bigger than them.

I’m 5’9, I carry quite a lot of mass in my thighs/glutes. However my arms are below average in length, but they’re not noticably short…
I do have very large pecs/shoulders, which I guess explains it lol.

But the other thing was, on the scale I put on maybe a pound, and people think I look bigger right away.

I met Aikines in may in a meet…and talk briefly to him…I think he is at least 5.11,maybe the stats are from when he wer 16…side to side my athlete, which is 82 kg…he is looooot more big…no way under 87-88 kg imho.
Other weights listed totally incorrect…usually are the ones of national federations the first time they got an international meet…( see Bolt and others)
off course sprinters have a kind of definition and low B.F…so they are like 5 kg heavier visually almost always.

Chill guise!

I forgot to mention, they were all official IAAF records obtained prior to Paris World Championship 2003.

I heard HA-A is 176cm which is about 5’9".

Official IAAF records = whatever their federation happened to list as the person’s stats their first year on the national team. ie worthless

Well sorry for trying to help! :mad:

Yestaerday I found on google that Shawn Crawford is 5-11 tall, 186lb heavy, and his best lifts are squats 495lb and bench press 405lb!

Could you provide a link, please?

Man boobs… :rolleyes:

Shawn Crawford… 11" biceps?

Was that a mistake?