Six weeks is a long time

Especially when you’ve already been out for 6.
I play semi-pro football and ever since my last game, my left knee has been KILLING me. It actually started in practice that week, non-contact.

Ever since then I’ve been having serious trouble running. I played some flag football but that made it worse. At this point, I can’t even TRY to sprint full out

Finally ran some MRIs, went to the doctor, and all that. He says tendanitis, I should refrain from putting serious strain on the leg for at least 6 weeks. I can start doing a little running in 3 weeks he says.

I wanted to spend this off-season on the track and in the weightroom, not my bedroom :mad:
I’ve got the e-book, was very ready to put serious SPEED work in. I’ve always felt my top-end speed and acceleration had a lot of room for improvement because my high school track coach was really only interested in making us 400 runners.

Anyway, the only exercises he’s suggested are isometric ones, where I left my legs for 5 seconds, then bring them down, repeat 75x, 3x a day.

Anything else? Anyone?

I get this feeling that not only am I not going to get faster, I’m going to get slower. :frowning:

dude i have good news for you its not gonna take 6weeks u could at least cut that in half, it would be a great time to work on upper body strength and do what u can with the lower like pool workouts etc. ice as much as possible and take some advil, also something that i found to work are those basketball knee bands heres the link they really worked well for me when having such problems.

you should get in a swimming pool, and do aqua sprints. you use a floaty belt, and two floatation hand weights. you use running form and sprint underwater.

i was out for 10 weeks with a sever ankle sprain. i did this workout, plus bike workouts, and weights, and bounced back really fast into my workouts…

An e.m.s machine would also help. Charlie has stated in his material that he had a athlete with an injury that used ems and came back a week later and ran a pb. It could be used in strength and recovery, for 60 bucks why not.

Give Physiobalm from SNAC a try; it can help with tendonitis, imflammation, etc. . I have used it with great results and continue to use it if I feel any problems arising. Also review a previous tread re: it and you will have addt’l info. Good Luck!


Thanks guys, really appreciate the help. :smiley: