site listing NFL 40 times?

is there such a thing?

Even if there is such a thing they would all be false anyways.

There is a site listing 40 times from the combines. I don’t recall the exact name but try “red eye” or “redeye” .com-that seems to ring a bell.

Results of Personal Workout Day:

Results of Combine:

thank you.

I was searching to find out which NFL player was fastest at one point and just googled it and came up with a 40 time for everyone, Randall Williams (WR Cowboys) has the fastest 40 in the NFL but apparently Tim Dwight (WR Chargers) is the fastest 100 meter runner at 10.13, Mike Bennet (RB Vikes) is close at 10.17

Tim Dwight having the fastest 100m time really doesn’t surprise me considering he was a track star at the University Of Iowa.

10"13?I had 10"29 for dwigth…the fastest is alvis Whitted…Raiders n.87…10"07…in 1996 he was fifth in the 200 m oly trials