Sina Schielke Germany (60M/100M)

I thought I should share the pic :wink:

Wow…that really has made my Friday worth while…U can’t beat a fine tuned female sprinter. I’m gonna run some comps in Germany this year for sure!!!

OH MY GOD…settle X settle! wow,pity bout the small ta-tas

I agree…but that would slow her down! I’m a big fan of shapely calves and glutes…I feel a screensaver/wallpaper coming up…

Shes right up there with Ivet Lolova another hottie.
And look at this site I found… good stuff.

I think Charlie needs to host a training camp for us and invite her to come as a demo model. I volunteer to sacrifice myself to provide the massage work. What can I say, I’m a giver.

By the way, how fast is this girl?

You guys need to read CFTS again, gluteal folds are very very bad.

I thought it was only in the UK that we couldn’t get kit to fit our athletes. Glad to see we arn’t the only ones.

My girlfriend prefers this little lady…

I am suddenly hungry for some pancakes? Check these out…

You ain’t kidding… :frowning:

Poor glute development on this subject too, as can be seen by the zero lumbar curve :slight_smile: …nice try though

Now THAT’s glute development :eek:

You’ve got a hell of a nerve asking for more after where we took you the last time you were in town!! How soon we forget!!

Hey, I wasn’t the one hanging out in the VIP section up front with Ben and Lyn Kush. We got squeezed out. It took us an hour to get back in. :wink:

All I want is to rub down a cute female German sprinter. Is that a crime? No good deed goes unpunished.

And I don’t care what anyone says. I think her glute development is excellent. I hate to break it to everyone, but there is life beyond sprinting.

Hey! couldn’t find you!
As for the second point. No kidding! What are these guys complaining about?

If the girls wh look like that would dress like that, they’d have the crowds back at the meets!

In the interest of investigative journalism, I looked her up on the web and this is one of a number of shots. She can run too! 11.16 100m

Yes I think it’s 7.19 and 11.16. She was “Germanys Hope in Female Sprints” (according to German Media), but missed 2005 due to injuries - torn muscle etc.

Kellie is nice, but a little “extreme” what about this one (no idea who it is…):