Simple supplementation program

Would like to hear 716’s opinion on taking ZMA with Glutamine-

Just because Glutamine is an amino acid and not a mineral does not mean the two would not compete.

Adding Glutamine would effect how fast the mixture of the two (Glutamine and ZMA) would deposit from the stomach to the small intestine.

Zinc and magnesium are absorbed in different parts of the small intestine and Glutamine would be absorbed later on down the line.

I see a conflict here-

716 your opinion?

im not 716, but i agree 100% with tom. although i dont have any research to back it up, when first reading this thread that also jumped out at me.

my impression is that ZMA is a product that is set up to work in a very specific ratio and formula, therefore, any interaction with any substance not in the formula, may distrupt its flow and effectiveness.

I think 716 even alluded to this point in some of the previous posts, though not mentioning any specifically…

Unlike some other isolated supplements ZMA is it’self designed to work in isolation.

Whatever about any other supplements I take and their timing I make sure to try and maximise ZMA absorption bay taking on an empty stomach and avoiding food for 30-45 mins after, (and of course cal. )