Shutting down myostatin

Check this article on the genetically mutated superkid in Germany :

I knew about him a year ago…nothing new and read the superbaby post…crazy stuff.

You need to check out the Belgian blue bull that had its myostatin gene blocked. The bull is unreal!

Yea that was a big ass bull. I need to block my myostatin

Researchers would not disclose the German boy’s identity but said he was born to a somewhat muscular mother, a 24-year-old former professional sprinter. Her brother and three other close male relatives all were unusually strong, with one of them a construction worker able to unload heavy curbstones by hand

I wonder who this lady is, any guesses?

Won’t do anything in adults.

You have to have it blocked from conception on.


If you want to see bull, just get a bunch of track guys in a room for an hour!

LOL. Thats very true Charlie.