Shoulder injury

I hear some click in my shoulder when I raise it overhead. What does that mean?

Geez, I hope for your sake that i’m wrong but go to your doc asap cause it sounds like you’ve got yourself a slap tear. They’re a b*tch!

Can you heal from those fully without surgery?

They get virtually no blood-flow…so no. Unfortunately, unless you have a very minor one that heals within the 1st ~3 weeks (extremely rare), it’ll never heal on its own (can certainly get worse), not too mention if you an athlete - particularly one in contact sports, or sports involving overhead movement (olympic lift training for sprints included), you’ll need surgery. Bench press and press ups would also be a no go, and unless its a very mild tear it will begin to worry you during everyday activities as well.

However, I could easily have misdiagnosed. I seriously suggest you get some mri scans - preferably with contrast dye - and then you’ll have a better idea of what shoulder injury it is that’s bothing you.

I wouldn’t guess that by one simple symptom that’s extremely common. I think most lifters have this. Is it good, no. Is it that big of deal, probably not.

First get your thoracic spine to rotate evenly on both sides.

Then see what happens.

There is some alignment issue, but you most likely can correct this easily and on your own or at the most with a good trainer or PT.