Should you wait or exercise

until injury is better.
A guy i know injured his hip flexer (the one that lifts your thigh to your chest) during a squat.
He says a Dr says that the tendon slightly tore.
Its not to bad to deadlift he says.
What is the recomended thing for him to do. he still wants to train, has been having ice baths and that reduces the swelling and colour somewhat.
Should he rest and wait for it to repair, or train with specific exercises and get massage and so forth?
Many many people are telling him to rest and wait. Pro’s strength people are even telling him that the scar tissue will form new tendon and if he just has time off, it will get all better and jsut rest.
I am gettin shot down all over the place by recomending light exercises, slowly work the range of motion. over time slowly increase the weight, and wait till a massage therepist says that the scar tissue is all clear before going all out. Being shot down all over the place.

Am i wrong? Have i read into what charlie says wrong? did that hamstring that i snapped and got it fixed via charlies methods within 6kws 100% was a fluk??? Am i just weird? :eek:

Complete rest is a terrible idea. Once it heals and is ready to train again the muscle will function less effectively than if he actively rehabs it. Many strength coaches know jack shit about rehab. Many times they air on the side of caution and do nothing. Which just prolongs the time the athlete recovers and reduces their function.

Having said this, if the tear is severe some rest would not necessarily be a bad idea. However, if it was severe he wouldn’t be mentioning it’s ok doing deadlifts. So immediately starting active rehab is a good idea.

If you still get resistance about this find someone who is properly educated in rehabing athletic injuries. Idealy someone like an athletic trainer/therapist or sports physiotherapist. I’d be surprised if any of the people shooting you down are in one of those professions.

rest completely the injured muscles when you are injured, but train on things you cant do when you are fit!

Well,read what was doing CF on Ben injured hamstring…
so complete rest is not the rule.It depends on the situation.
The guy i was training with get injured on his calves…he couldn’t walk.With a gentle protocol of Ems and light eccentrics he get very well in a couple of weeks. When he get injured again,the injury wasn’t so bad like the one before(he could walk).But he didn’t any protocol and rested…after more than 1 month he had to go to a soft tissue therapist (Arm. can you remember?)

thats exactly what i have done myself. i followed what charlie recomended and 100% fixed myself in record time.
The guy asking for the info is pretty much doing all the things he needs to.
Its just the other clowns that are respected lifters thnking we are a bunch of hack reckless nuts and should keep all our thoughts to ourselfs. They are of the thought that in 20yrs time, none of us will be albe to walk for what we are doing to ourselfs by not letting us recover. (what the…?)
I just hope the guy listens to an Olympic level sport and not some meatheads who supposodly are physical therapy educated!? I know from experience and most of you guys also know that active recovery is the only way to go. Complete rest is pointless-unless you plan on leading a less stressfull life??