Short Term Youth Athlete Training

So an interesting scenario has arose and I will be working with 4-8 international youth basketball players, age ranging 16-18 from Domincan Republic, Argentina, and Senegal; they will be coming into the facility M, T, and W to work with me for 1 hour for 3 weeks (9 sessions total). They are in town for the summer mainly for basketball, but are training with us for 3 weeks before tournament play begins.

I have a basic set up hand written down at work, but I’d like to hear others thoughts on what you would do with these young athletes in this situation.

Couple factors- language barrier (not sure how many of them will be able to speak English); training experience; training economy, etc… This is a first for me, I’m excited though!!

Look forward to your thoughts. They come in at 2:00 PST tomorrow afternoon; will post my sample outline for week 1 tomorrow before then when I get some free time between training clients and athletes.

Im from the Dominican Republic. Just tell your young lady you like Platanos and Felix Sanchez LOL just kidding :slight_smile:

Just be patient with the language thing. Dont get too fancy with explaining things. Just show and do. Obviously they want to work hard if they came to you…

I wouldn’t waste your time trying to teach the squat or ol’s. I would put most of your efforts into the following:

1: Solid 30min warm-up
2: Solid cool-down
3: Low vol-Short distance sprints 10-30m
4: MB throws
5: Lower body strength training: lunges, steups, gh, rev hypers, and maybe trap bar deadlifts. Post chain/core work!!

With my young ballers we normally start them out with 100 reps of hypers or gh as a warm-up for the first 6 weeks. I found high vol post chain work+solid warm-up activity makes teaching the squat easier. For example:

1.GHR: 4x10
2.Reverse Hypers: 4x10
3.Erect Bends: 4x10
4.Barbell Kneel Russian Twists: 4x10