short stride length, flexibility problem?

yah i know what you guys are saying, couple guys told me that when i originally showed the videos on another forum and i’ve mostly fixed the technical issue in my deadlifts now.

Can you clarify further into this?
what do you mean my upper body’s rigid? and if mobility stuff/stretching aint gonna be good for me, whats your reccomendation?

Your upper body is rigid. There is crap movement around the shoulders, they are up rather than down, and your upper back is not moving smoothly. Mobility work and stretching can work–I never said it wasn’t good. I said simply looking at a number (as in, peak ROM you can reach in a given stretch) isn’t a good idea nor is it a good indicator of tissue quality, which is more important and probably more related to your hip tightness. Further, people can and often do cheat on stretches, which you are likely doing as well, which is going to create a false negative.

kk, so your basic reccomendation is more mobility work?
and upper body movement? same thing?

Stand beside a squat rack, just touch it with quad, hip and shin, you knoiw a straight posture. Now bend knee and hold foot with hand, push knee back, do you know this pain, if not you are cheating with the stretches too.

HAve a good chiro or phys therapist check to see if you have tight psoas.