shooting form

hey can anybody send me a real good site on shooting form for basketball, like which finger to release last and all that stuff, just the fundamentals of shooting ive been looking around google but havent found a real decent site

Two easy steps:

  1. Find a coach to help you develop proper form.
  2. Practice shooting, with perfect form, until muscle memory imprinted.

Unfortunately #1 is very easy compared to #2. You rarely see a player who has put enough time in to really have his shot down. Players with good form but who havent logged the gym time will (in my observation) at best be “streaky” shooters.

Search for and buy the video “Perfect Shooting” by Ed Palubinskas

And look into Tom Nordland’s video
Go to his swish 22 site and read the free newsletter back issues.

Trust me, these two guys convinced even an uncoordinated doof like me that I could develop a killer shot.

Good luck,


Palubinskas talks spefically about the fundamentals like which finger should touch the ball last, how much to spread the fingers, offhand shooting position, etc all the little things.

Nordland is more a big picture let it happen “Inner Game of Tennis” guy.

Explore both and find one that works for you,


you might also find this video helpful

Arc Angel presents: Ernie Hobbie “The Shot Doctor”
1888-9 ArcAngel

you can also take a look at what has