Shoes for sprinting

Hey guys i’m new to this site but i knew it would probably be the best place to find information like this.

But after a long lay off from any activity besides lifting i have decided to take up sprinting again.

Unfortunately my first sprinting session back i think i wore the wrong shoes and my lower legs have been in pain for almost a week.

I’m looking for more of a multipurpose sprinting/running shoe. But not a cross-trainer. I was thinking of something like this.

Maybe a track waffle or something like that. But i was curious what you guys would suggest is the best option for me. You could suggest a specific shoe or characteristics that i should look for when buying a shoe for sprinting.

I would suggest something like the Nike Waffle XC (the one that you can put spikes in). I have the Brooks Mach8 which is pretty much the same thing…very nice.

I would try to get something without a lot of cushioning. I don’t like shoes in general and think a minimalist shoe is often best.

What shoes are you wearing now that are giving you problems?

So if i buy a shoe that has spikes. I can take the spikes out and it wouldn’t affect the performance of the shoe all that much?

Correct. I never put spikes in those shoes even though it’s possible.

What shoes are you wearing now that are troublesome?

I wore my Nike Free 5.0 trainers and i ran on the track. Figured out this was a very bad idea as they have pretty much no support.

The problem with buying shoes with spikes (even if i dont put the spikes in) is i may not be running on a track all the time. Sometimes i may run in grass, will these shoes be good for that as well?

Yea, I run in grass all the time. Heck they (Nike waffle, brooks mach) are cross-country shoes so you can sure use them on grass.

Oh yea, what shoes were you looking at? That ebay link didn’t work.

It was the Reebok Velocity Waffle. Heres the link again maybe it will work

Ok that link works. That shoe looks good.

The only reason i choose this shoe is it is more likely to be more versitale than a track spike.

puma h- street just a thin piece of rubber and some cloth.

great shoe but its discontinued. on a side note it is based off the puma hamarbee the world record shoe in the 800 and indoor 1000. which may have more to do with wilson kipketer than the puma’s.

i would go with some racing flats or waffles.

top waffle choices: nike zoom waffles or nike zoom forevers, rebock velocity

top racing flats:
Nike Men’s Zoom Streak XC. it is more of an XC flat but i find it suitable for track work

Saucony Kilkenny: the price is more than right and they don’t have the crazy “look at me” colors that most racing flats have

adidas Men’s adiZero RC 2(funky colors unless you want to pay extra).

ASICS® Men’s GEL-DS Racer VII(bright red so it may not double as a street shoe). its a nice racing flat but not cheap

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Kantana Racer. nice netural colors so it could double as a street shoe. not cheap

you can get a pair of streak XC’s and a pair of kilkennys off of eastbay for the price of one of the more expensive racing flats. also you can probably use google to get a decent discount copoun.(too bad they fixed the giftcard discount gaff, you used to be able to have them give you shoes for next to nothing).

also you might want to try out. they ussally have good deals and a large selection even if it seems to be dominated by adidas.

this was probably the longest post about shoes on non spikes… ever