Shocker! Donovan Bailey revealed as non-human!

Photograph reveal how Donovan Bailey where infact a cleverly disguised robot!
Here teammate Bruny Surin is having a go remote-controlling Bailey under the scientists strict supervision.

Excellent lol

Haha!:smiley: Who’s that standing on the blocks?

is this an old pic?

if so…
why are those two still training? did they not retire?

TJ2K, I think its an old photo. Who is that guy on Bruny’s left? (no, the other left, the guy in the blue shirt!!)

It’s an old shot from '96.

The guy on Donovan’s blocks is Andy McInnis, who was the Canadian team coach for the 96’ Olympics and is now a coach at U of Hawaii.

Isn’t Carmen the Univ of Hawaii coach or is that no longer the case? Or is she for the girls and Andy for the boys?

Carmen is the Head coach, and she hired Andy as one of her assistants.
Hawaii only has a women’s team.

The guy in the Blue shirt is Charles Lefrancois, a Canadian HJer. He was a silver medallist in the world university games one year.
The guy on Bruny’s right is his coach at the time, Michel Portman.

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