Shizuoka, Japn 3May2010

Kagegawa, Shizuoka, Japan 3 May 2010:

Some results (all Aussie so far)

1 Lauren Boden 400m Hurdles 55.49sec MR & PB

1 Ben Offereins 400m sprint 45.75, 5 Joel Milburn 46.82, 7 James Gurr 47.52, 8 Matt Lynch 47.96

3 Melissa Breen 200m 23.69sec (-0.2)

4 Brendan Cole 400 Hurdles 50.36

Wow, Offerines has had a long season. He,s been racing since at least December and has be putting up great times with an alarming frequency. I hope he takes some time to fill up the tank before he heads off to CGs and the lead up comps. It would be great to see multiple green and golds on the individual 400m podium and Ben is a realistic chance of being there.