Shin Splints and Hill Sprints

I’m doing a proper rehab this time for my recurring shin splints, working on improving hypertrophy and strength in my lower leg and flexiblity of my hip flexors, quads, lower back and lats to correct pelvic alignment and see if that works for me.

I’ve tried orthotics (twice I’ve bought custom made to correct my overpronation), new shoes, stopped doing plyos (leaping and bounding) and taking a break, but it always seems to come back to me.

Anyway, my main question is, can I do Hill Sprints (15m hills) to maintain my fitness, as I’ve found I don’t really get pain in my shins while doing them, or should I avoid them and just stick to rowing, elliptical trainer and bodyweight circuits?

if they dont hurt, then it wont hurt doing em! i would think?

good to see your trying to correct posture imbalances, thats a great start.

what exercises are you doing for your lower leg? Are you working on your tibialis anterior? are you working on your foot strength? are you doing calf, tibialis and feet flexability?

When I’m in the gym (2 days per week) I do weighted work with Reverse and Regular Calf Raises on the Hack Squat Machine or Leg Press Machine, Seated Calf Raises, Bucket Raises and Rocking Calf Raises (2 x 15-20 each).

For 3 other days per week, I do bodyweight stuff like jump rope skipping (10 x 60s - 30-60s rest - gradually building up volume), heel and toe walk supersets and Assisted 1 leg calf raises.

Do you think this covers the tibialis anterior, gastroc and soleus sufficiently?

I’m stretching everyday, trying to do it twice per day (minimum once). I concentrate particularly on the four areas I mentioned in my first post, as well as the soleus and gastroc - I feel the tibialis anterior gets a good enough stretch from my quadricep stretch (all 3 x 30s). I also do stretches for the rest of the body (3 x 10s) as my overall flexibility is pretty poor.

i never heard of reverse calf raises?
is bucket raises with the handle on your toes and lifting the bucket? sounds good.
i hope your rotating these many exercises? as in not doing them all in one session, there is tonns there.
Also, i found doing calf raises in Joggers, as the lack of support really works the feet as well is good for lower leg problems.
Invest in a quality EMS machine with dual purpose Tens support. If you or your folks are in MBF or similiar, you get heaps back, making the investment super cheap.
Ice is must at night, before bed. 20min.
Vics, rub some on before exercise, its a awsome Balm.

Reverse Calf Raises:

Yeh, that’s what bucket raises are.

Thanks for that. I normally do my lower leg exercises barefoot, so I’ll make sure to do them with joggers from now on.

I’ve never really read up on EMS machines. I’ll look into getting hold of one.

With the icing, should I ice massage or just put an ice pack in my footy socks and leave it there? 20 mins each leg or all together? Vicks is the same as deep heat, right?

those reverse calf raises look good.

if you are able to do em barefoot, go for it, i dont have axcess to a gym that allows for barefoot training, insurance reasons.

ice, 20min each leg, wrap in thin wet towel, put under your socks is fine.

Vics, = vics vapour rub, youll find it in any chemist, its a blue tub, normally for rubing onto chest, its a great muslce rub too.

Thanks for your help, BW.