Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce back

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce returns to action on Jan 29
Monday, 17 January 2011 22:32 By Anthony Foster

World and Olympic 100 metre champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will open her season on January 29 at the Queens/Grace Jackson Meet set for the UWI Bowl in St. Andrew.
Shelly-Ann, who married Jason Pryce less than two weeks ago, has over the years opened her season at the meet named after former Queens School and

Jamaica Olympic 200m silver medallist Grace Jackson. Her six-month ban for using the non-performance enhancing drug Oxycodone ended on January 7. She has always opened her season with the 400m.

In a TVJ interview, Fraser-Pryce, said “Now it’s a new year, so I said ‘ok I won the world championship in 2009, I want to be double world champion’. This is something I have never gotten before, I don’t think about 2009, I have won that already, it has gone this is a new year, a new title,” she said.

Damn it she got married.

Ouch…hope her husband won’t come to Italy this year ( where they stay 1 month during summer)…I need to tell her how much I appreciate her…as an athlete offcourse!!:slight_smile:
All jokes aside, I would love to see her focusing on an indoor campaign…and smashing 60m wr…

Exercise porn

I thought it was continuous ‘true running time style’, like rich froning crossfit style circuits, for 15 minutes based on the video title…so 15 minutes(total actual workout time), with a little bit of downtime in between exercises…maybe anywhere from 45secs-90 secs between each exercise, since the heart is going to be really ‘racing’ so to speak…id estimate from beginning of circuit until end, about 30-40 minutes i guess

Not enough ass shots. Carmelita is hot.

It’s cool you guys can over look the part about these video’s that has very little to do with exercise, elite performance or anything each of these female athletes seems to represent. Nike seems to be merchandising these woman likely for no additional pay outside of their contracts which probably never mentioned anything about voiceless , on the spot , quickly put together you tube videos.
I would like to see what they really do in their daily training but likely Nike can not provide that. Instead we see watered down examples to pump up their brand.
All of these woman are sexy, powerful and very talented. Thankfully Nike appreciates many of us are looking for the aesthetically pleasing rear end you are looking to see more of;)

Regarding the side over side/lateral box jumps, was there any ‘lateral type jump/plyometrics’ you implemented in your training ange?

I thought that i recalled at a time, when charlie mentioned on here that he didn’t mind back n forth lateral line hops(and i thought he may have even said as fast as possible as far as execution)